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I am certified in “Firefighting.” I am Certified in “Hazardous Materials – Spill, leak and fire control.” I am certified by the New Jersey Department of Health as an “Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).” I am Certified in “Heavy Rescue” “Vehicle Extrication” “Advanced First Aid.” 

I graduated from the Bergen County (New Jersey) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training Center in Paramus, New Jersey. I attended the Bergen County Fire Academy in Mahwah, New Jersey. I received my Haz Mat training from the St. Augustine Technical Training Center in St. Augustine, Florida. Hopefully, these Certifications will bolster what I am about to tell you.   

The danger of EBOLA coming to the United States is very real and quite likely. You need to prepare so as to protect yourself and your family because the government CANNOT protect you. 

This post is not intended to frighten you or cause a panic. It is intended to educate you with the hope you will heed the advice and make preparations. Quite simply, it is better to have these things and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Here is what you need to do and have so as to achieve the bare MINIMUM of preparedness:

1) Get filter masks rated as “N100″ or “P100″ 

Filter masks that are rated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as either N100 or P100 absolutely WILL protect the user from 99.97% of airborne particles/droplets which are smaller than 3 microns. 3m Corporation manufactures the masks and expressly states they will protect the “wearer” from inhaling such particles. The difference between the “N”: and the “P” has to do with whether or not the mask will be worn in an environment where OILS and their vapors are what is sought to be filtered. The “P” is especially suited for filtering in oily vapor environments.

The Ebola virus strands themselves are only .08 microns in diameter, a lot smaller than 3 microns, BUT the virus strands MUST be carried by something, usually water molecules and those are filterable by an N100 or P100 mask. So GETTING THOSE MASKS is very worthwhile.

Of course, self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and full body TYVEK suits with hoods and footsies is the only true 100% protection, but the average person is not going to be able to head out to a local store and buy an SCBA unit or have the means to recharge the 5,000 PSI air cylinder.

Having an N100 or P100 rated mask is top-of-the-line protection that regular folks can get for about $7 – $10 each and seeing as they would only be using these masks to go out in some pressing situation if there was an Ebola outbreak here, having such masks is a lot smarter than not having them.

Each individual mask is rated for up to 40 hours of use but the simple reality is that once you’ve used the mask outside ONE TIME, it has to be thrown away. So when you buy these masks, make sure you have as many as you think you’ll need because you can’t set them down at home and allow the virus they blocked to get loose in your home as the mask dries out, or pick them up and put them back on because that simple act can free-up virus on the outside of the mask and set it loose in your house.

2) Get eye protection to keep out water droplets/vapors

Waterproof eye protection is A MUST because cough/sneeze droplets containing Ebola can fly into our eyes and travel down tear ducts to infect a person. The N100 or P100 masks MUST be accompanied by swimming goggles or some other eye protection designed to keep out water.

Just walking down the street, riding a bus or train where an infected person coughs, sneezes or throws up (and thereby releases huge amounts of water vapor containing Ebola) is something you cannot get away from. If any of those vapor droplets gets carried by wind and hits you in the eyes, you won’t even feel it — but the virus will travel down your tear ducts and infect you! If you are outside during an Ebola outbreak, you MUST have eye protection.

3) Disposable Latex gloves.

A person who is infected with Ebola may not even know it for days, yet during that time, they ARE contagious.

If such persons cough, sneeze, pee, without washing their hands, then their hands absolutely WILL have Ebola virus on them. Everything that person touches could then become a vector to spread the virus.

Studies show the Ebola Virus CAN survive outside a host for several DAYS. It doesn’t matter if the virus is on a dry surface or a moist surface. It doesn’t matter if the virus is in warm/hot weather or temperatures around zero; IT SURVIVES!

When you are out in public, you have no way of knowing if the door handles of offices, stores or homes have been touched by an infected person. You have no idea if banisters, hand rails, cashier check-out counters or store shelves have been touched by an infected person.

The only way to protect yourself from TOUCHING the virus left behind by others is to wear latex gloves and it is absolutely VITAL that you NEVER — absolutely N E V E R – touch your face or your food unless or until you take those gloves off, and wash your hands IMMEDIATELY and thoroughly; 

4) Get “Chlorhexidine Gluconate” hand soap/sanitizer

This is what we use in the medical field and we use it because it works. This is what most Hospitals use when Doctors and Nurses “scrub” for surgery. They use it because it works.

A gallon of this stuff (2% solution) only costs about $15.

Get it. Have it ready. Use it if the outbreak comes.

5) Store up a MINIMUM of 30 days of food in case your are Quarantined.

The Model Public Health Emergency Preparedness laws enacted by 44 out of the 50 states provide legal authority for state governments to QUARANTINE entire cities in the event of a public health emergency. 

This doesn’t mean just sick people; it specifically applies to those who ARE NOT SICK.

The idea is that keeping people in their homes will stop the spread of disease, and the law provides the legal basis for such an order.

Once a Quarantine Order is issued, that’s it. No going out to the store for food. No calling the local Chinese Restaurant or pizza joint and ordering delivery. If you don’t have enough food, and you go out to try to get some, you absolutely will be arrested and held in a FORCED QUARANTINE FACILITY. You won’t see your family again until long after the emergency is over.

You MUST be prepared to feed yourself and your family for a MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS. 

As such, make sure you have plenty of canned foods, dry pasta, dry rice, dry cereals/oatmeal/farina, dry milk, dry flavored-drink mixes, etc., to get you through.

Folks need to start getting this stuff right now because once the Ebola gets here, the stores will sell out within hours. 

The government absolutely, positively, cannot protect you once the virus breaks loose here. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but there is a very severe chance it will.


It is a heck of a thing to deal with, but all of you must understand that if you go outside around the general public during an outbreak, YOUR CLOTHES AND SHOES can capture the cough/sneeze or vomit droplets from an infected person.

As such, during an outbreak, WITH YOUR MASK STILL ON have a plan to strip off your clothes the MOMENT you walk in your home and put them IMMEDIATELY into the washing machine and start it. Leave your shoes as close to the front door as you can — DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE HOUSE WITH THEM!

Once clothing is in the washing machine, then and only then should you remove your mask and throw it away in SEALED (Zip-Lock-type) plastic bag immediately.

The very next thing you MUST do, is take a shower. Wash thoroughly. 

Only after these steps have been taken should you dress in fresh clothing.

If you take all the mask/eyewear & gloves advice, but don’t strip off your clothes and wash the moment you get home, you’re inviting infection from your own clothing as the water vapor droplets evaporate and the virus strands potentially become airborne from your air conditioning/heat/ceiling fans.

Again, I don’t mean to frighten anyone or to cause a panic. My only hope is the you take this advice seriously and prepare. 

Many “conspiracy theorists” have talked about the 1/2 Million Coffin Liners sitting in a field in Georgia which were ordered by FEMA several years ago. Well, the simple fact is that those coffin liners — and millions more stored elsewhere — were ordered; and you don’t want to end up in one of them.


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4 thoughts on “Ebola Advice from a Firefighter / EMT/ Heavy Rescue & Haz Mat

  1. This guy has it all figured out…except water.

    What happens when the water (power loss will lead to water not flowing) stops flowing?

    How many cities get water from outside the city? Yeah, about none.

    Once that happens people should just stay in the house and relieve their excrement…right?

    people that need Rx to live, bummer, your simply dead…not like people can get ‘extra’ or a ‘reserve’.

    Good ideas, yeah, just incomplete.

  2. Thanks Deb!! That is great advice, I want to add the Gotu Kola or Bittersweet Kola that Joe was talking about on Henry’s Friday show. We found the Gotu Kola at our local health food store, not expensive, but the bittersweet we will have to order online, also only take the bittersweet if you start to feel ill, but the Gotu you take like a supplement, there is no caffeine in the Gotu Kola. A lady just died getting off an airplane at London airport! Heads up and watch!!!

    1. Hey Missy you’re most welcome. I’m heading to the health food store in the morning to pick up the gotu kola, and I will check to see if they carry the bittersweet. I have some mms and colloidal silver on hand already, but it never hurts to have as much as possible on hand. There were also essential oils that were kept by thieves during the Black Plague that kept them alive. I will have to research exactly what oils were used. I saw the report on the woman that died after her flight. I really pray that this doesn’t turn into a worst case scenario. Be safe. I’ll talk to you soon.

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