10 thoughts on “Ebola – What You’re Not Being Told

  1. Is it really alarming? Not to me. Take your vit c, get a lot of sunshine, good food, water, etc. Boost your immune system and it will take care of you.

    I call bullshit – if it’s in the mainstream news, you are being conned. What will happen is that we will have travel restrictions. More restrictions on our freedom. No one is dying in any greater numbers than before – and this number dying is a small fraction of those who die every year from lack of good water, nutrients, overcrowding, stress, war, etc.

    I like this fellow’s take on this current “crisis”:



      1. Yes, 2009 swine flu. HIV since the late 80s. Normal childhood illnesses since the vaccines came out. Oh the horrors!

        Ebola’s supposed late stages sound suspiciously like late-stage scurvy – treatable of course with vit C if done early enough. I’ve never seen a virus that C in massive doses (esp. liposomal vit c) couldn’t cure.

        FYI, I liked your 15-medical-lies article, too.


          1. …I’ve made it, but i like this better (to be used only when coming down with illness – 1 packet per 20 mins or so until the fever/symptoms are gone):


            I have never seen an illness that took more than 3 packets ($1 each).

            The powdered form is for every day. Powdered sodium ascorbate is better to drink (in water) than regular ascorbic acid. Both are very cheap in powder form.

            I think that “synthetic” vs. natural is irrelevant; the same molecules do the job whether synthetic or natural.

          2. Dot. Would like to talk to you via email if your comfortable with that. There are people in my area needing help. Doctors here are only trained in the pharmaceutical side of so called health care.

          3. Paul,
            I promised hubby not to give our my email…but whatever the medical problem, prevention is the best cure. Failing that, follow Hippocrites – part of the oath, you know: “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” (something like that). Preferably raw food – still has enzymes in it to digest the food. You can supplement with enzymes (enzymedica is a great brand) – read up. If the body doesn’t have to use its endogenous enzymes to digest food (because you are taking enzymes or eating raw food), then it can use its enzymes to repair the body. That is the cure. good luck!

          4. Thanks Dot. understood. I told my wife to be the same way. :-). I plan on taking care of the militia in this area in several different ways, thus my request. Have accumulated a few things that will be of assistance when the time comes. There are issues in that vein that should not be discussed in an open forum such as this, as the enemy is always watching. A great patriot reminded me of that several days ago. We don’t want to give out information that would help them in any way.
            God bless 🙂

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