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Enviroment Watch: USA Calif. biotoxins cause deadly sea lion seizures, seafood scare (8/26/2014)

Published on Aug 31, 2014 by Deep13th Nuclear Waste Info

An outbreak of algae-produced biotoxins that attack animals brains also poses a grave risk to humans…

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7 Responses to Enviroment Watch: USA Calif. biotoxins cause deadly sea lion seizures, seafood scare (8/26/2014)

  1. desertfox12 says:

    I too live here on the Monterey Bay and find it appalling that people are saying algae is to blame for this. We all should know by now that the pacific ocean is now contaminated with radiation from Fukushima. It’s so sad. The cover up is one of the biggest coverups in history and this IS the biggest story.

    • Cathleen says:

      I lived in Monterey over a 30-year span (off and on) until a job offer took me inland to San Jose. I know alot of (local) people there. When that job ended, I moved down to the Central Coast.
      . . .

  2. CSA says:

    What happens after the little seals are released? A repeat of the same
    cycle. It’s great some people are there for the seals, but what about
    the bigger picture. Strange that all of a sudden farming practices
    are endangering all life. And if it is radiation, why haven’t surfers,
    swimmers experienced some type of reaction. Seals have a lot of
    fatty tissue which should protect them more than humans.

  3. Ted Wansley says:

    Gee, I’m just glad it’s not radiation from Fukashima.

    Gosh, who would ever guess a little fertilizer run off would trigger toxic algae booms across such a huge ocean?

    They must think we just fell off a turnip truck.

  4. Cathleen says:

    Fertilizers aren’t the only thing affecting the ocean waters. We DO have radiation, and an increase in underwater volcanic activity increasing the temperatures of the Pacific Ocean, which in turn creates an ideal condition for algae growth.

    Try not putting swimming pool chemicals in your pool and watch what happens. It’s the same thing with the Pacific Ocean. Cooler waters keep the algae blooms in check.

    But you see TPTB love that the oceans are dying and warming because more algae beds means an increase in hydrogen production which is an alternative energy source.

    So there is a method to the madness of why TPTB want dead zones in our oceans i.e. Gulf of Mexico. It means $$$$$$$$$$$! Always follow the $$$$$!
    . . .

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