Eustace Conway: Self-Sufficient or Threat to Society?

Published on Apr 6, 2013 by SpreadLibertyTV

Government Gone Rampant – Action Alert:

Boone, North Carolina: For decades, Eustace Conway has lived an independent, sustainable life, building shelter for himself on his land, growing his own food, setting up outhouse facilities, composting, and allowing others to learn these methods first-hand so that we may once again have a populous versed in the healthy manner of primitive survival skills.

After a preliminary visit from the local Planning & Inspections department, several independent local government agencies together performed a raid on Mr. Conway’s property, and now the Watauga County Health Department has ordered a cease & desist on Mr. Conway’s educational activities, and the Planning & Inspections Department has cited many “violations” on the property, as well as ordered that Eustace Conway bring his structures up to code, or demolish the structures on his own property. Some of the code citations include using unmarked lumber for his constructions (structures are made from cut-down trees without grading system indicators), and requirements for permits, plumbing, and wiring for any structure. Some of the structures cited requiring permits, wiring, and/or plumbing installation include a “roofed-over platform,” a doghouse (shown in video), and a tree house (shown in video).

Clearly, that which is law in today’s society radically contradicts Mr. Conway’s entire way of living. The situation illustrates the fact that a central-planning society is incompatible with individual freedom, personal choice, self-sufficiency, and individuality, concepts upon which this country was founded.

As of right now, Mr. Conway says that he is still in shock & trying to figure out how to proceed. The director of the Watauga County Planning & Inspections says that it is his hope that Mr. Conway will comply with P&I’s demands, though he is not prepared to say what measures will be taken if this is not done, as they will have to consult with the county attorneys in order to determine how to proceed. There are many agencies (including state-level) who have reviewed Conway’s circumstances, and are attempting to take corrective measures, such as special exemptions within the code; however, stumbling blocks are continually met when one entity or department’s attempt at code correction counters another departments’ code requirements. Attempts at amending code also take some length of time. Mr. Conway’s life remains in limbo.

To volunteer to help Mr. Conway with legal advice, donations, or other services, contact Turtle Island Preserve or Nate Cox of, or keep up with the conversation & updates on Conway’s situation through the facebook page public communication medium:…

Interviews and video by Nicole Revels of Spread Liberty News.

4 thoughts on “Eustace Conway: Self-Sufficient or Threat to Society?

  1. the guy she was interviewing was pompous, arrogant, condescending, and obnoxious bastard. this is outrageous. they have singled this man out for some reason, it seems to me. looks all trumped up to me.

  2. We watched Eustis on the Mountain Man show on Discovery. He is such a great man, all he wants to do is live his life on the land and teach others who are willing to learn to do the same. If I could afford 500 acres, that would be me! He is an awesome human being and we could all learn from him. He is a true human being with nothing but Love for his fellow man. They are trying to steal his land because he does not “conform” to “society”. I say screw society.

    1. Yes Missy, screw society – atleast as society has been for a hundred + or so years. I am kind of wondering were he gets money for essentials like taxes and things like that. Just wondering. Yes Missy, I wish more people were like this guy.

  3. Excellent video. I remember seeing video`s about this guy a while back a yr. or two ago, at least I am sure he is the same one. . Yea, the govt. should be aplauding this guy if anything. I wonder, though, where he gets money to pay property taxes and for other things. Donatitions I suppose. Yea, I would donate if I could but I am barely doing it myself – and a lot of people say that I am not. Ha LOL, This guy reminds me of myself kind of, yea, lifestyle and all. Good honest lifestyle he is living and the local Big Boys Club cannot stand it one bit 🙁 😎

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