Ex-Sanford, Fl. Top Cop Said He Was Pressured Into Arresting George Zimmerman

The Lid – by Jeff Dunetz

The former police chief of Sanford Florida, Bill Lee told CNN tonight that his investigation was hijacked, that evidence was shared improperly and that he was pressured into arrest George Zimmerman, not in a quest for Justice but to placate the protesting public.

“It was (relayed) to me that they just wanted an arrest. They didn’t care if it got dismissed later,” he said. “You don’t do that.”  

When his department first investigated the case Bill Lee said,  they conducted a sound investigation and the evidence turned up no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman.

Zimmerman told police he killed Martin after the teen attacked him. While the evidence at the time corroborated that claim, the ex-chief said, Lee’s lead investigator made a recommendation that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter.

It was a matter of protocol, Lee said. Arresting Zimmerman based on the evidence at hand would have been a violation of Zimmerman’s Fourth Amendment rights, he said. Thus, the Sanford police presented a “capias request” to the state’s attorney, asking that the prosecutor determine whether it was a “justifiable homicide,” issue a warrant for arrest or present the case to a grand jury.

“The police department needed to do a job, and there was some influence — outside influence and inside influence — that forced a change in the course of the normal criminal justice process,” Lee said. “With all the influence and the protests and petitions for an arrest, you still have to uphold you oath.”

“That investigation was taken away from us. We weren’t able to complete it,” he said.

One example involved the 911 tapes. The Sanford police wanted to keep the tapes to themselves until the inquiry was complete , because you can’t publicize evidence amid an investigation.

But the mayor told him in mid-March  the tapes had been released to Martin’s family and the public.

The family was asked to help identify voices, Lee said, but if police were in charge of the investigation, they wouldn’t have presented evidence to a group.

“It should be done individually so there’s no influence on the other people in the room,” he said. “Then, there’s no questions that can be brought up about how (an identification) was obtained or whether it was influenced.”

Releasing the evidence to the public was problematic, as well, because it created the potential for someone to concoct a “story about what they observed when they really didn’t observe it,” he said.

Whatever the result coming out of the jury, it becomes clearer every day that George Zimmerman was railroaded. Even if he is found innocent (which he should be) Zimmerman will be in fear for his life of his life for a long time.  A simple self-defense case was turned into a racial-bias incident thanks to professional bigots like Al Sharpton, a liberal press,  and the Justice Department who helped organize the protests. Zimmerman will be persecuted for defending himself but those who help turn this case into the mess it became will get off scot-free–and that is a crying shame.


15 thoughts on “Ex-Sanford, Fl. Top Cop Said He Was Pressured Into Arresting George Zimmerman

  1. National news this morning showed a middle school fight with a large black girl beating up a white girl… Why is that national news?

    1. It is in the news because the “news” is in reality the propaganda machine which is run by the same communist agitators who are broadcasting the Zimmerman trial. These are the race pimps. Do not let them succeed.

  2. They are starting to prep the public for what is to come. Maybe a how to and what to do film for the outcome of the trial. Things like this are now going to be used for the agenda.

  3. This isn’t about Travon. This is about getting rid of the “stand your ground laws.” The jews don’t want whites to be able to defend themselves. After this and the riots they’ll be a case that restricts your right to defend yourself.
    Just you watch. They want this country to be like the UK where if you use your gun to defend yourself you’ll go to jail.

    1. Wrong, George. This is about dividing our people by race and getting us to kill one another.
      The Jews do not want any American national, regardless of the color of their skin, to be able to defend themselves.
      If the Black Panthers are bused in to agitate violence, American nationals of all pigments of skin must take them on point-blank, not because they are Black Panthers, but because they are hard core communists.

  4. Jesus , I’ll be glad when this is over. My opinion, give Zimmerman 3 years and lets move on. He profiled Trayvon and shot him dead. Enough of this tripe for god sake.

    1. Why, Mark? By all accounts I’ve seen so far, he’s apparently innocent of the charges. In fact, I just read an article earlier that said they wanted to drop the second degree murder charge in favor of a manslaughter charge, because given the evidence, they stand vitually no chance of convicting on it. Read for yourself.


      1. Hey #1 🙂
        I haven’t read your link yet…(Just getting ready to turn in, will read in a.m.), but have to say, when this case broke I paid attention what all was coming and going in all different directions and angles.
        I have more than a few questions (Just mention 2 now) but why did Trayvon call his girlfriend instead of 911 if he didn’t think he was going to be all macho for his GF on the phone while he dealt with Zimmerman?
        I mean, if it were me at 17, and I thought someone was going to hurt me, I wouldn’t be calling a gf.
        The second question, they said they had the watch group because crime had been rising in that neighborhood, has it went down since Trayvons death?
        I haven’t been paying too much attention to this circus that is going on now…a big distraction (While we should be watching other things/hands) and a chance for tptb to create more division within people……
        After what the judge did today, she should be fired, dis-barred and Zimmerman should be aquitted….. mho
        Hope all has been good with you, have a great Friday 🙂

        1. Good questions,RT. As to the first one, IF he was such a ‘good kid’, as they’re trying to make him out to be, he definitely should have called 911 (although WE all know that’s the worst thing a person can do these days). He may have even called his girlfriend to have her alert his homies to come help him out, we’ll probably never know. As to the second question, I have no idea, but it would be interesting to find out.

          btw, how close is this insanity to where you live? Not very, I hope.

          1. Well #1,
            Insanity is all around here hehe!, but nah this case is on the other coast, who knows what will happen there or here.
            I have to believe more people are awake than not and won’t play into this (They call me a Dreamer lol!) only time will tell?
            Yeah on the questions, I know 911 these days not such a good idea, but to a 17yo would be choice one or two?
            To tell the truth, if it would have been me and I was heading to my Dads (Or GF’s Dads) I would have called them, said where I was, and this goon was giving me crap “Come over here and straighten this guy out!” and stood there waiting for him to put this guy in his place.
            On the second question, it’s supposed to be a pretty good neighborhood to begin with not much crime in the first place, so why they had to start the watch? Maybe there was a recent rash of crimes? Haven’t heard any more on that point (Something they made a big deal abt in the beginning), why I was wondering if the crime(s) went down after this happened or what? It just wasn’t spoken about anymore after the beginning/when this first came out.

          2. Oh I did go and read your link this a.m., and then tracked it back to the orig. site and read some of the comments there……………..but I still believe 🙂

          3. Notice that I’m finally posting again during work hours? YAAAAAAYYYY!!!

            Just as long as it doesn’t interfere with my work, no problem.

          4. Yeah, I read some of those comments myself. Not too encouraging, were they? Hope they’re not the majority concensus.

          5. Yep I did notice #1! 🙂 Yayyyyyyy!
            You are right on those comments, tho I Do believe more people are awake than not.
            tptb are losing and they know it 🙂

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