Exchange Stabilization Fund turned US Government into a Worldwide Criminal Organization.

Deception is Not True Consent

March 24, 2021

Who would like to know where $21 trillion of US taxpayer dollars disappeared to between 1995 – 2015? Earmarked for the DOD and HUD this money disappeared down a black hole of criminal corruption that has funded some of the most profound criminal activity in the last 100 years, if not all of history. Most everyone in the truth movement knows that the Kennedy assassination was an inside job- but where did the funding for such a massive undertaking come from? The answer to this riddle and much more lies within one of America’s best kept secrets… the Exchange Stabilization Fund. – The ESF has been behind every major US fraud/scandal since 1934, according to researcher Eric de Charbonnel. – (shows they have NO Rule of Law for their Evil acts on Earth against Humanity.– Just like their COVID19 fraud and hoax with their gene therapy injections to change human DNA.)

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