Eyewitness Report of Shooting at the Tropicana and NY NY

Alexandra Bruce

Published on Oct 11, 2017

A young man named Gio Rios did a livestream on Facebook last Sunday, October 8th and I’ve edited out some of his small talk (especially in the beginning) and added some titles. He made this livestream because he is appalled at the lies of the US Government and the Mainstream Media. He states unequivocally, “What happened exactly one week ago was a terrorist attack. It was group-organized, it was choreographed and I don’t want anyone thinking it was a one-person shooter…This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”

Gio says he was staying at the Luxor hotel with his girlfriend, Marissa the weekend of the Las Vegas shooting. They went to the Route 91 festival across the street and were watching Jason Aldean perform near the front row, Stage Left when the shots began firing and people all around them began dropping. They were in the area closest to the sights of the guns being fired from the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Gio describes hearing the horrible sound of bullets penetrating human flesh as he fled the venue with Marissa on Giles Street, only to hear more shots coming from the direction of the Hooters restaurant on Tropicana Boulevard. He and Marissa hid behind a car before being herded into the Tropicana Hotel with dozens of other fleeing, bleeding concertgoers, one of whom died in the hallway.

While in this hallway, a very calm, muscular, light brown-skinned man with a black polymer suitcase ordered him into the casino. Gio refused and asked what was in the suitcase (this was a chaotic crisis situation with a dead man beside them on the floor and this cool and collected man had a suitcase). The man looked him dead in the eye and was about to show Gio what was inside when very rapid bursts of gunfire erupted in the casino and the man ran in that direction. Jason’s impression was that people were being herded into the Tropicana’s casino to be killed and that this man would have killed him, if he hadn’t been distracted. (During the question session at the end, which I’ve edited out, Gio describes the man as speaking unaccented Southern Californian English and looking like he was maybe of “Armenian” ethnicity (which I take to mean that he looked like a male Kim Kardashian).

After escaping through a door, Gio and Marissa were in an alleyway when shots began firing again, from fairly close range in the direction of the New York New York hotel. They then ran back into the alley and hid inside a dumpster for three hours.

It was from this location that he heard helicopters flying over the Strip for several hours. He asks why, if by then Stephen Paddock had already been found dead, that the police would still be looking for perpetrators, if they were so certain that they had found their Lone Gunman. He says, “They knew that there were multiple shooters.”

After three hours in the dumpster, he and Marissa emerged and a Las Vegas Metro cop immediately told them to get inside the Tropicana hotel, which had by then been secured. They lay on floor of a convention room for a couple of hours and waited for all of the hotels on the strip to check and clear all of the rooms so they could go back. He comments, “Again, why were they doing that if there had only been one shooter?”

When the TV was turned on and it was announced that, “Two were confirmed dead and 20 injured,” Gio and Marissa were shocked because they had seen with their own eyes that the casualties were much greater. The local TV station flashed the phone number for the FBI tip line. Gio immediately called the FBI and relayed everything that’s been stated here. At that point, he thought this was the right thing to do. He’s not so sure about his safety anymore (!)

Gio describes staying up all night and finally getting back to their room at the Luxor hotel and watching Trump’s speech at 7AM. He says, “It wasn’t right…It was a terrorist attack, OK?…There’s no way in Hell that a 64-year-old, untrained could shoot an automatic military grade weapon from the 34th (sic) floor at a declining grade and hit people…[he couldn’t do that] for ten minutes straight. There’s no way. And if you believe that, I’m sorry. I have no words for you…it was a terrorist attack. Donald Trump can’t say that because he doesn’t want that [on his watch]…but who gives a sh*t?

“Be real! Tell the people the truth! If you are running our country, you need to tell them the truth…this is immense, people! This was so huge. This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”

22 thoughts on “Eyewitness Report of Shooting at the Tropicana and NY NY

  1. BrasscheckTV had an interview with a combat veteran who had experience with those automatics and he said that the muzzles of the gun get so hot that you couldn’t set it down in such a hotel room without setting the rug or whatever on fire. Plus the heat and smoke would fill up the space indoors, unlike the normal use outdoors, so where was all the *smoke damage* and the gun user would have been choking on the smoke. Not to mention the huge piles of casings instead of the scattered few seen in the official scene photos.

    The only flaw in the images in the veterans account was his own opinion of the guy as old and drunken. Cancel that, the interview at Brasscheck a few days before with the owner of the Wynn hotel/casino there said that Paddock (nor his girlfriend) ever drank, always was pleasant, paid their bills and satisfied their security analysts (the Wynn is more advanced on security) that they would not believe the possibility of Paddock as the lone gunman crazy. Gambled strictly business-like… money laundering is one of the legal uses of gambling.

    See for yourself, the images of the veteran with gun experience to match the displayed weapons, https://www.brasscheck.com/video/at-last-an-authentic-combat-experienced-analysis-of-las-vegas/

    And btw, the team of workers seen in the WTC the weekend before the 9/11 were also described roughly like Gio’s suitcase-carrying suspect. and we know who those darker skinned workers turned out to be.

    1. I am single again due to saying much of the same things as that guy. Lol.
      How dare you question? And. Nobody cares what you think you know about terminal ballistics. She said.
      Good riddance!

      Thanks for the link.

  2. Another excellent eyewitness report that totally contradicts the main stream lie.

    This young man appears to be pretty sharp, so keep an eye on yourself and your girl friend.

    He is a vital witness.

  3. THis almost mirrors the stores of Rick Ardito, Jeff rense interviewed him a couple days ago and he said something weird about a hooters, people took shelter there and then everyone ran screaming from it ? The whole thing smells like a greasy mossad cia shit fest.

    1. IIRC, the timeline for the Wynn hotel/casino to start the process of exploring and implementing the nude-scanning and metal detecting plus systematic security planning — in order to be the media showcase of futuristic security in time for this massacre –was before The Donald became President so that would explain the sloppiness of this operation, lacking clear evidence of lone-nut etc and slippage in the eyewitness control…. not a Mossad op, only possibly weapons from Israeli stockpiles destined for Syria’s ISIS opponents (now being cut off from funding by Trump’s admin)… so the glee of the CIA over the threat to Trump is secondary and the primary planning was HHS/Body-Scanner pushers, while leaving the idea of CIA ditching their old guy as a patsy just to finish him off, as his ISIS usefulness was disappearing..

      Vegas is a normally high turnover employee loc, so what are the prospects of those frightening-threatened casino workers……. anybody know?

      And we shouldn’t forget some other alternative shooters that could supply the false-flag planners, namely mexicans, possibly illegals, possibly from Jerry Brown’s sanctuaries, looking contract work from their street drug businesses, maybe some even from Holder’s Fast and Furious helping hands… which Calif street-drug connection would fit into the CIA picture anyway… maybe the plane supplying the military hardware also transported ‘operators’, but wouldn’t there then be a record of passengers when the plane stopped in chicago IIRC for servicing not on schedule, explaining the week long curious fizzled renting of casino/hotel digs by Paddock… so you see there’s so much to be digging for……

      So what’s the jewish population’s size around vegas if more ‘art’ students were the shooters… curiously Wynn was jewish, as were the two bodyscanner pushers, one completely casino related? With sphinx and pyramid prizes, amazingly not jewish, yet…

  4. So I’m curious as to why this kid and his girl are still alive after speaking to the FBI and talking about this on video when everyone else that has come out has either mysteriously disappeared or died.

    But that’s just me.

    1. Everyone? One girl died, and Campos (the security guard) was missing, then showed up and spoke on Ellen D’s show. These are the only two situations I’m aware of.

      I’ve watched several eye witness testimonies and I believe them to be absolutely genuine. People were injured and some died.

      This event actually occurred, but not the way the media and others are saying.

      People are coming forward and letting others know what actually went on because what they experienced is totally different than the narrative being put out.

      1. I know I remember them saying another guy died recently, too. It just seems a little more than a coincidence. I’m not saying the event didn’t happen or anything.

        1. The latest tally of hospitalized victims shows a few that are not in critical condition and still local enough for news people to favor their local public interest in their views…. Specifically: As of Friday, 10 people still were hospitalized in the Las Vegas Valley, four of whom were in critical condition, local hospitals reported.
          An unknown number of patients have been transferred to out-of-state medical centers.
          University Medical Center has discharged all its patients.
          Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center has six patients, two in critical conditon.
          The Valley Health System reports one patient in critical condition.
          The St. Rose Dominican Hospitals have three patients, one in critical conditon.
          —- That was by Paul Harasim Las Vegas Review-Journal
          October 20, 2017 – 6:29 pm
          If you were nearly killed and come out of it seeing the ‘sheriff/fbi theory’ does bear absolutely no resemblance to reality, what would you do? check your life insurance, pull your kids out of school and start prepping?

          The murderous bunch knows these people are wild cards and downers if they ever get a mic in front of their faces.. would you look for alternate living and working arrangements? We’ll probably next hear about how bad are witness recollections after their PTSD experience.. rotfl….. oh boy, what next…..

  5. Look at the brightside.

    If you want go to Vegas.

    Now is the time.

    I’ll bet rooms are all have price.

    Plus they have a new hotel policy.

    All rooms come with a mint under the pillows. ..with a bullet proof vest.

  6. Welll…

    I gotta..tell ya whatz next.

    A new traumatic event … .

    That can top Las Vegass .

    I would suggest naked pictures of Trumps wife in a young modeling career with lesbians.

    Or a nuke threat.

    Could the Las Vegas shootings just be a gangland turf war between two jews for market share..?

    Plus all the benefits of terrorising a nation.

    I won’t listen to Country music anymore because Merle Haggard may get me shot.

    1. I guess since the launching of US aircraft complete with nukes for the first time since the end of the ‘cold war’ for treks 24/7 is so avidly announced, should we put our bets on ‘nuke incident’ — since the ptb always build up anticipation before starting a war or an assassination — or should we bet against it since they see we’re on to them so that buildup idea is too obvious.??

      That’s the dilemma, eh?

      …hmmm…. depends on how many people are awake in the estimation of the ptb…. maybe? What’s your estimation……..

  7. He seems credible (except for his excuse for wetting his pants), but there’s a bigger problem here; the people who did this knew they weren’t going to “get away with it”, meaning they knew the “lone gunman” story was going to be ripped apart within hours, and that’s exactly what they wanted to happen. He told his story to the FBI, and they allowed him to tell it to us.

    They expected, and wanted this truth to flood the internet, because this shooting IS part of the “Red Terror”. The mainstream media has lost all credibility long ago, so nothing’s being sacrificed there, but since that’s the case, they’re using their incredulity as a tool now, just as they used it to help elect Trump, by opposing him.

    They WANT the public to know that Americans (esp. probable conservative Americans) are going to be shot to pieces at random, the media will only lie about it, and no one will ever be arrested for it.

    That leaves the general public in a terrorized state of mind. Confused, and incapacitated by fear, and these emotions will be accompanied by the forced acceptance of a new reality that we generally refer to as “waking up”.

    Add to all of this the horror of WW3, economic collapse, and a pandemic, and you have a traumatized population, willing to accept any route that’s accompanied by the promise of normalcy. (communism).

    1. Yes, JR, agreed. They DO want US to know as it IS part of the red terror events they carry out. The obvious bread crumb trails they leave behind are arrogant calling cards for critical thinkers and it DOES create terror but in a way that differs from the terror created for the sheeple herd.

    2. I’d follow that line of figuring EXCEPT that the FBI had no way of stopping the guy from telling some people his story… unlike the contracts signed by would-be whistleblowers where the ‘telling’ can cost you big time… the FBI had no way of knowing how computer literate the fellow was, and unless they wanted to arrange another suspicious death, he should be ok if we spread his testimony around vigorously as warranted, don’t you agree now that you have recognized his security in more and more people hearing him tell this, and the sooner it’s all over the place, the safer he is, imho..

  8. As for the Jewish mafia being the reality and the massacre being a turf war… it would not fit the combination ‘benefits’ if you count that all of the casino-owner players seem to have been in on it and reaped their own pieces….

    1) Wynn for the immediate consolation prize of the publicity of being to advanced in their security with every other casino playing catch-up
    2) Chertoff getting a whole new market for his worthless nude-scanners being the biggest ticket part of the equipment likely needed – by whatever laws come out of this
    3) the CEO of the MGM Mandolay Bay sold 90% of his stock in the MGM stock — in the WEEKS that preceded the event — that would and did tank when the event sent chills up the public’s spines, so now he can buy it back — at basement bargain prices — and own more major shares as he watches the stock recover from the public’s forgetfulness-of-the-massacre’s terror
    4) Adelson, with heavy political influence in DHS had promoted the scanners as needed for all public places, not just casinos like he would be known for.

    With all the loot, the scene becomes less like hotel turf war… agreed?

    But that leaves still the gun running operation open for ‘benefit’ or ‘loss’ figuring. Did Paddock have a new client near here who’d not be trustworthy enough, like maybe ISIS-recruits or Antifa (claimed to have serious hardware coming soon, per the arrests in Utah) maybe for future falseflag potential, with CIA/FBI usefulness. Would the FBI test them out by letting them loose for other benefits… Someone co-ordinated the event with the ‘pyramid’ venue for appeal, and arranged their escape, maybe in the ‘three black vans’ mentioned in the 4chan postings…. Some sources are saying the guy arrested in TN that same night with the same type of hardware, was an accomplice who got cold feet, and may have been the source of the 4chan postings in advance of the massacre. So far we hear that TN has not co-operated in handing over the guy to the feds…. That kind of turfwar is imaginable IMO, which would tie with the not so long ago arrest of a bigtime gun runner here in the usa, also Jewish……..

    Paddock did not blast any thousands of rounds with the claimed automatic weapon for the official massacre story or he’d have looked as smoked-up as Rambo.. yet the killers were co-ordinated by someone who participated in the planning and benefits…. and used Paddock as their patsy… Paddock may have made moves toward ISIS business here and that angered the Jewish mafia??? Would they care, since the CIA/Israel/Jews wanted ISIS in Syria, not here… or would they want it here, along with the ‘refugees’? Or are the ‘refugees’ just for using welfare money to support jhadi plans elsewhere (like the French investigators found out in France),…. not for a jihadi here or even for a Muslim takeover here (b/c that would lead to shut down of support for Israel)….. TTYL

    1. joe black, where’s the evidence for your claim, hiring actors would be visible in craigslist or such… otherwise who’s got that sort of money to hire mobs that size? I heard the Saudis own some hotels in the North end of vegas, plus the saudi royal airforce was in town the previous month for Nellis joint work but that technically was over by sept. And I’m still looking for the story broadcast by needtoknow of a helicopter hovering over the Delano’s nearby rooftop right after the shooting stopped and was sending out a false ID then sped away…..

      Where’s your link to prove your claim of actors in all the hotels… and it confronted, why wouldn’t they do like the hospital and admit they needed security practice…. ttyl

    2. Are you saying, Joe, that this young man in this video that is stuck to the top of our front page, is lying? He also said he saw at least one body in the Tropicana.
      Tell me, Joe, is this kid lying?

  9. Were are all the family that lost love ones . Not seen are heard of any yet . There may have been something on this but I have not seen are heard of any family’s speaking out . If so I would like a link are two

  10. Most of the time when something that happen like this it’s on cnn none stop with family members talking about the need for more gun control .

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