False Flag in Libya through Sleight of Hand

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed in Benghazi, Libya on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.  This was an orchestrated event as evidenced in the propaganda accompanying it.  The international corporate mafia has fallen behind schedule in its agenda to capture the Middle East for Zion.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is appearing as a cornered rat, desperate to fulfill his mission before the October elections in Israel.   He knows the majority of the people there want to be rid of him as he is about to get them all killed.

The killing of the Ambassador and the other staff is being blamed on a movie produced by an Israeli businessman in the US, which was financed by other dual citizen Israeli-Americans.  This is the half truth in the propaganda.  The trailers for this so called movie that is an absolute insult to all those of the Muslim faith was released in the Middle East one week before Sept. 11, 2012.

But this did not cause an armed riot that resulted in the killing of the Ambassador and his staff.  It was and still is a smoke screen, designed to bring mass protests into the streets.

Every indication, when looking at past false flags, suggests that the Ambassador was killed by a military hit team made up of Israeli Mossad and US CIA.  These extreme measures have become necessary because we the American nationals of the American race have awoken to the reality of the international Zionist banking cartels, which are controlling the world’s finances via the US debt dollar, which is on the verge of collapse.

Nobody wants it anymore as it is becoming more worthless every day.  And as oil is traded in dollars exclusively by every Middle Eastern oil producer accept Iran, that country must be acquired to delay the crash.

I say delay because mathematically the dollar has been doomed since we went off the gold standard.  You cannot print wealth and when these dollars become so worthless that a mountain of them isn’t worth a cup of dirt, the reality of the international theft of the resources of every country around the world can no longer be denied.

And of course when the peoples of the world see that the entire wealth of the planet has ended up in the hands of but a few, the fact that it is all stolen will be self evident.  As the peoples of the world will literally be starving as a result of the robbery, the remedy to the problem will again be evident.  Take the wealth back and punish the thieves.

The international elite want a third world war as they must wipe out a sufficient number of the world population to insure that those of us left will not be enough to wipe them out when the theft is revealed.

We must reject every assertion that furthers the goal for the completed conquest of the Middle East.  The Russians and Chinese know what we know and are not going to allow the US and Israel to complete their plot.  We must stop these diabolical bastards at all costs as our failure to do so will result in a worldwide carnage that we cannot even imagine.

They want to kill as many of us as possible.  We are being thrust into the final stages of the Revolution.  It must go hot as the time for passive resistance has blown by us like a jet. Prepare to fight and for God’s sake take the time to thoroughly understand exactly what you are fighting for.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “False Flag in Libya through Sleight of Hand

  1. There is a price to pay for everything and hopefully Netanyahu will finaly implode on himself and take down the other elitist and corrupt rulers with him.They all belong to same pack —— of rats.

    1. You bet he’s real. Timing staged for 911 to reinforce the ‘murderous Muslims’ meme.
      Incredible how fast the coordinated press runs to cover Israel’s back.
      Now that the incident is blowing up in the zionists’ faces, their controlled media rushes en mass to cover the zionists’ asses and concoct this story. Dont think you’ll see this on Infowars. With a jewish wife whose kids are dual-national Israeli citizens, Jones is another controlled gatekeeper who can be trusted to keep his mouth shut on the one issue that is most important.

      Top newspaper in Israel:

      Here is an in depth interview with the filmmaker himself:
      http: //www.firstpost.com/world/israeli-filmmaker-whose-film-provoked-libya-attack-in-hiding-453344.html

      Here is Precedent:
      http:// http://www.haaretz.com/news/world/u-s-groups-helped-fund-dutch-anti-islam-politician-wilders-1.464326
      The real loyalty lies where???

      1. ZioMedia now frantically claiming the filmaker doesnt exist. But his own interview states that not only was the film paid for by Israeli Calif-based real estate mogul-

        “it was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.”

      2. TROLL ALERT!!!

        You’re the idiot, TIC. A.J. is a Zionist shill. He’s married to a Jew, and his kids have dual citizenship. He was exposed in the Stratfor debacle. Show just ONE instance when he EVER pointed the finger at the Zionist so-called Jews.

        Go back and tell your handlers that we ain’t fallin’ for your banana in the tailpipe b.s. on this site, bozo.

  2. If the world elite want a WW III then they find themselves in a world revolution against them by the people.

    Of course, history has proven that the people will never revolt until there has been a huge alteration in their lifestyle before they are willing to step away from cableTV/video games/football/soap operas.

  3. For some reason when I look at the eyes and the physical reactions of Netanyahu I see the same crazed look of Hitler strutting around like an animated puppet.

    History repeats even down to the occult symbols on both the Israeli flag and the Nazi flag.

    As for why people have so much love for their oppressor. When their Governments add new debt paper with the occult all seeing eye Federal Reserve Notes to add to their old debt of the occult all seeing eye Federal Reserve Notes with even more usury and even more onerous terms. Then the people feel that they must be lacking in love for their masters and now must burden themselves and work much harder for much less even into old age. In the end Shylock who has been occult empowered always extracts his Jew pound of flesh and the people willingly sacrifice their own children, the offspring that were born out of their love to a lifetime of total control and servitude to these zionists. They even send their children to die in battle for the zionist wars of control and endless conflict created through conspiracy. Such love, such self sacrifice for anyone to willingly give up their children as a sacrifice to death and debt on the alter of the occult oppressor.

    For some reason again out of love the people enthusiastically vote to elect the puppets of the zionist oppressor to rule over them and when a statesman offers to free them they act deaf, dumb and blind and enthusiastically pick the puppet instead that is going to oppress them with the burden of even more zionist debt, usury and wars of aggression when they could have chosen the man of truth and wisdom and the constitution with sound money, world peace, prosperity for the people instead of the zionists and the liberty to fully enjoy the fruits of their labor. I guess even Orwell could not make any of this shYt up.

  4. Notice not one American Jew has come out and went after Utube for airing this phonie balony racist hatred flick,for the past 2 months.
    Now imagine–if some muslims defaced the existing flaming Menorah)which faces the W’hitehorehouse) and filmed it–Utube will ban it in seconds. Not this Flick! Oh no! Kosher UBoob

    1. The filmaker’s own interview in India First Post said not only the Israel realty mogul funded it but that
      “it was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors”,
      said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.

  5. This killing is more about propping up Obama image for the coming election. In the coming weeks we will be presented with news of successful seal team Bin Laden style operation or drones attacks that managed to kill the supposedly perpetrators in Libya. Big MSM news showing on and on to implied how macho Obama is. He knows that in American culture – revenge is sweet. So he is rallying the American using Libya staged killings.

  6. Oh, it’s not about Obama maneuvering to win the election. US regime masters install puppets regularly.
    It’s about the berserk US regime of rapacious freaks on a rampage or greed.

  7. To all of you shabus goyim in the police/TSA/military/FEMA you are & will be expendable as the Ambassador to Libya was!
    So REMEMBER THIS! You are the meat in the sandwich for the PTB/Bankers/zionazis!

  8. The timing of the attack is most suspicious, almost as if the perpetrators knew that the Marine guards were not armed with live ammunition. The well planned attack on a Consulate could indeed have been a Mossad operation, meant to enrage gullible and ill-informed US opinion . The producer of the film may have already fled to Israel, like so many dual national criminals before him.

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