Firefighters Respond to Industrial Fire at Perdue Farms Facility

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

Another day, another fire at a food processing plant.

Chesapeake, Virginia – Firefighters responded to an industrial fire at Perdue Farms Saturday night.

“Chesapeake firefighters battled an industrial fire this evening at Perdue Farms in the South Norfolk area. Plant operators reported a fire in large soybean processing tank. Firefighters climbed multiple flights of stairs with hose and equipment to access the standpipe system. Water was applied and the fire brought under control in approximately one hour. Much work left here to overhaul and dump product from the tank. Solid work tonight by all involved. Special thanks to Company 8 from Norfolk Fire & Rescue.” the Chesapeake Fire Department said on Saturday.

According to WTKR, the damage from the fire will have little impact on the plant’s operations.

A small plane killed two people as it crashed near a General Mills plant in Georgia last Thursday night.

The recent plane crash near the General Mills plant comes after a string of food processing plants have been set ablaze across the United States over the past six months amid soaring food prices and historic inflation.

The FBI recently warned of possible cyber attacks on food plants in the US following a mysterious rash of fires.

What is going on?

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2 thoughts on “Firefighters Respond to Industrial Fire at Perdue Farms Facility

  1. These fires at food processing plants certainly are not coincidences. This is a planned implosion of our food systems which Black and Swab owning almost all the food plants and will buy the rest to control the population

    1. They can buy anything they want, but to think they will control the armed population of the united states of America is bullshit. We will just kill them, take the processing plants, and do the work. They do not have what it would take to stop us.
      Or are you just going to stop when somebody tells you no, just because they told you no?
      It is time for us to tell them no. It is time for us to crush them. They are but a handful. We are the multitudes armed to the teeth and they are not going to whip us with propaganda.

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