Flashback: FBI Trained Hal Turner As An “Agent Provocateur”

Hartford Courant – by David Owens, August 18, 2009

HARTFORD — – Internet blogger Harold “Hal” Turner’s attorney said today that Turner’s background as an FBI informant will be a key part of his defense to charges that he incited violence against two state legislators and a state ethics official.

Superior Court Judge David P. Gold on Tuesday authorized Michael A. Orozco, a New Jersey attorney, to represent Turner. Turner did not appear again in court Tuesday because he remains in federal custody without bail in Chicago, where he is accused of threatening three federal judges.  

In asking Gold to allow Orozco to represent Turner, Turner’s Connecticut lawyer, Matthew R. Potter, said Orozco has a long-term legal relationship with Turner, plans to bring a complicated First Amendment defense and is familiar with Turner’s background as an FBI informant.

That role as an informant for the FBI is a key part of the defense, Orozco said outside court.

Orozco said Turner was trained by the FBI as “an agent provocateur.”

“Mr. Turner was trained by the FBI,” Orozco said. “He was told where the line was — what he could say.”

In his comments on his blog that brought the state and federal charges, Turner did not cross that line, Orozco said.

Orozco said Turner worked for the FBI from roughly 2002 to 2007.

“His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner that would cause their arrest,” Orozco said.

The comments for which he is charged came after he left the service of the FBI, Orozco said.

Turner stopped working for the FBI on his own, Orozco said. He declined to say who the targets of his comments were.

“If you compare anything he said when he was operating, there’s no difference” to what he posted on his blog that led to the criminal charges, Orozco said.

He is scheduled to go to trial on the federal charges on Oct. 5. His next court date in Hartford is set for October 19.


4 thoughts on “Flashback: FBI Trained Hal Turner As An “Agent Provocateur”

  1. I used to be a regular listener to the original Hal Turner Network radio show, and a frequent visitor to his old website. I tend to be extremely suspicious of characters in the so-called pro-White movement who are constantly calling for their followers to do or say things that are either borderline illegal or which are outright illegal – and Turner was constantly coming up with all kinds of outrageous rhetoric – for which, much to my disbelief, he never seemed to get into any legal trouble for having done. Thus, I began to suspect that the guy was working for the government – playing the role of an agent provocateur and he had been given leeway for his actions, because his mission was to incite his listeners into breaking the law and the goal was to set them up for FBI entrapment. This was as obvious as the sky is blue, and it is nothing short of amazing that anyone in his community of followers could not see through this charade.

    According to one version of the story, that Hal himself was pushing for a short time, he was being blackmailed by the FBI into being a rat – under threat of arrest and probable jail time if he did not cooperate. He was eventually exposed by a group of hackers who hacked into his emails and discovered he was communicating back and forth with his FBI handlers and, that exposure resulted in Hal Turner, agent provocateur, losing any value he might have had with the FBI, so the FBI – being an organization populated by backstabbing, dishonest, and totally corrupt and untrustworthy tyrannical jackbooted thugs – they tore up their deal with Turner and decided to prosecute him. Hal was in a bind, and tried to point to his cooperation with the FBI as proof that he was following their orders according to a ‘deal’ they made with him – but, alas, there is zero honesty or integrity within the FBI anymore (if there ever has been) – and they shoved a knife in his back and he was convicted and sent to jail for a period of time.

    Hal eventually gets out of jail, and according to what I read – he was prohibited from resuming his radio show or website activities for a period of time following his release. He adhered to that prohibition for the period of time it lasted, and then resumed his radio show and put up a new website. I have listened to a couple of his newer podcasts and the guy has gone hardcore neocon. He sounds just as nauseating as Sean Hannity; a basic ‘bit$h’ Republicrat. No more of the edgy material that once made him so popular and which would today be considered ‘Alt-Right’.

    And, here is the thing that really turns my stomach. The guy should be ashamed of himself for what he was doing. He was claiming (on air and online) to be pro-White, but while he was making those claims – he was working with the FBI to try to incite his fellow Whites into breaking the law so they could be entrapped by the FBI. What other word can describe such behavior as that besides the word ‘race treason’?

    But, today – Hal Turner will boast about his ‘career’ working with the FBI and talk about how he is ‘good buddies’ with the same FBI who knifed him in the back and he will bloviate about how he has ‘deep
    connections’ with the FBI and that’s how he can get the inside skinny on all sorts of events that are happening in the news?

    The story of Hal Turner is a sad one. In the beginning, Hal was a decade or more ahead of everyone else in today’s Alt-Right community. He had real potential and his old radio show was funny, entertaining, and the most politically incorrect radio show on the World Wide Web. He spoke the truth and did not pull any punches or steer clear of any of the ‘sacred cows’ that the spineless mainstream talking heads were terrified of offending. I admit that I enjoyed his original radio show. I also came to enjoy many of his regular callers, such as the tragically departed Yankee Jim. I wish Hal Turner had been more cautious and not put himself into a position where the FBI could sink their hooks in him.

    1. Hal Turner now admits he was with FBI terrorists since 1992 till his arrest. He’s still with them today, is the best bet. He pushed all out “COVID is history’s greatest threat” meme for MONTHS- till it got so untenable due to internet exposing covid scam left and right.
      Recently he spent 5 weeks of nonstop agitation pushing a war w/ Russia, with daily countdowns: “Only a week till nuclear Armegeddon w/ Russia” “72 hours till a nuclear bombing” “within 48 hours world will be in nuclear war” etc etc)
      Only other alt right who did the same for those first crucial “pandemic” months (when it would have saved us for them to be questioning it in every way instead of calling it “God’s punishment and an old fashioned plague”) is Ric Wile’s TruNews. He too has been handesomely rewarded– says they got major big league funding now to expand; may even go to live 24/7 news programming.
      The Mighty Wurlitzer plays all keys, as the alphabet folks say

  2. before i even read cody’s post, i wanted to post an interesting thing about “yankee jim”. i used to read his posts in the comment section of the local news paper. the guy seemed like he was trying too hard to let everyone know that he was a white supremacist. i didn’t know he had a radio show or anything. i thought he was a local dude and just read his annoying posts and rolled my eyes like everone else probably did. i thought, jeez, this guy sounds like one of those fbi recruiters or something but figured he was just a local with an attitude. when he killed his wife(ex wife?)and then himself there were pictures of the house in the paper. i found it quite odd that the state police(not local) were walking out of the house with his computers. what the heck would staties be doing on a local murder/suicide with his computers?

    it was at that point that i was sure the dude was fbi.

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