Florida man kills wife, son with crossbow, sheriff says

Well I guess guns weren’t enough to go after so now they are going to want crossbows to. Something stinks about the cause of death if you ask me.

Fox News

WESTON, FLA. –  A South Florida man used a crossbow to kill his wife and teenage son in their townhouse, tried to kill a second son who is a student at Florida State University and wound up dead in a motel bathroom, authorities said Wednesday.  

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said the body of Pedro Jose Maldonado Sr., 53, of Weston was found inside the motel room near Lake City. He apparently died by slitting his own throat, investigators said.

Before that, deputies said Maldonado called a friend to say he had killed his wife, 47-year-old Monica Narvaez-Maldonado, and younger son Pedro Jose Maldonado Jr., 17. Both had been shot with what deputies described as a handheld crossbow that fires small darts.

Authorities believe they were killed sometime Monday. After that, they said, Maldonado drove to Tallahassee and rented a motel room. Just after 7 a.m. Tuesday, he apparently attacked his older son, 21-year-old Jose Maldonado, with the crossbow but the dart just grazed the son’s ear. Deputies say the father tried to choke the son, but the younger Maldonado managed to escape.

Authorities had responded to the Maldonado home Tuesday with a SWAT team after the man’s friend telephoned about his confession to the killings. After finding the bodies, they learned through unspecified means that Maldonado was staying at a motel near Lake City, east of Tallahassee and hundreds of miles north of the original crime scene.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputies found Maldonado dead about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

No information was provided about a possible motive for the rampage.


5 thoughts on “Florida man kills wife, son with crossbow, sheriff says

  1. It will be found that he was being treated for “mental illness”. that is the common thread among all these murder-suicides such as the aurora colo theater shooting. once step further….. the cia and other covert agencies use mentally ill and mentally treated patients in their monarch assassin program. there is also conditioning and trigger methods being used thru the use of tattoos on tv actors/actresses…ever notice all the butterfly tattoos showing up on all the women actors?

    truly evil agencies and people conducting this murder by proxy agenda.

  2. “Both had been shot with what deputies described as a handheld crossbow that fires small darts.”

    They’re called bolts, not darts. Darts are something you throw at a dartboard. They can also be shot from a blowgun.

    And if anyone has ever seen a crossbow other than a hand-held type, feel free to post a photo. lol

  3. Screw mental illness. This guy sounds possessed or something. Mk-Ultra subject? Who knows.

    The details just seem strange for a murder-suicide. What suicide person slits their own throats? Suicide people usually shoot themselves in the head or maybe stab themselves in the heart, but slitting throats? It just doesn’t seem normal in this case for a guy wanting to commit suicide, as strange as that sounds. But that’s just me.

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