Florida Police Launch “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot” Anti-Weed Campaign

Weed - Florida Police Launch “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot” Anti-Weed CampaignMarijuana – by Barry Poppins

You know why (most) cops don’t want marijuana legalized? Cause they’d have to focus on real (more dangerous) crime while they’d have a lot less to do (and more time to eat donuts). The likely result: many officers would probably be out of jobs and have to migrate to mall or amusement park security.

And in Florida, the state’s sheriffs REALLY don’t want medical marijuana entering their domain. To combat the “devil’s lettuce” threat, they’ve launched a campaign with the (super witty!) title: “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot”. The goal: don’t let reefer madness infiltrate the Sunshine State.  

Of the 67 Sheriffs in Florida’s Sheriff ‘s Association, 63 have lent their support to this (absurd) campaign. And they are allhigh drunk on delusions:

“Of the 20 states with the highest driver acknowledgement of drugged driving, 15 were states that have passed legislation legalizing marijuana,” the association said in a statement. “The Los Angeles and Denver police departments have reported significant increases in crime since marijuana was legalized in their respective states.” [First Coast News]

Well, that’s just completely false. A recent report out of Denver concluded the exact opposite: that crime has actually seen a decrease since legalization. So these Sheriffs either don’t read the news, or love perpetuating false myths which directly contradict a recent, nation-wide news story.

And that’s why, come November–when Floridians vote for medical marijuana–these Sheriffs seem likely to wind up the losers here. In 2014, when it comes to pot, reason triumphs “authority.” Even in Florida.


3 thoughts on “Florida Police Launch “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot” Anti-Weed Campaign

  1. Yes,the sheriffs here are going crazy at the thought of all those easy busts and pinning a felony on a person for possession of a joint might be lost. Imagine having to actually go after real criminals instead of raiding homes of people for nothing,why that might endanger the cops the same way they love to endanger the citizens they love to terrorize! I’ll bet that’s tax dollars being used to further they domestic terror campaign too.Armed militant thugs in the neighborhood driving squad cars ,trampling the Constitution every day,for a paycheck! They re no different than the mercenary thugs in any country now and many even dress like the militant thugs they are !

  2. Pigs lie with the same consistency as politicians.

    Unfortunately for us, the courts and judges are just as corrupt, but if anything comes out of a pig’s mouth, you can bet your last dollar it’s just another lie.

    Anyone who wears a badge is a murderous, lying, thieving, woman-beating rapist that our society desperately needs to rid itself of.

    I actually have a lot more respect for the guys who break knee-caps for the mafia, because at least they’re honest about what they do, and they’re usually not pathetic little punks who gang up to beat on women.

    A cop may be the lowest form of human life that I can think of, but it’s really a toss-up between them and the pedophiles that make up congress. The cop may be a lower form of scum, but if that’s the case, it’s only because they’re more violent.

  3. what is this word “weed” they keep using? POT SHOPS?

    A: a generalization to distract and insert corruption over all influence and steer the discussion. (Celente is right about one thing, the corporate media still has control right now, I still don’t agree with his voting idea (unless the power cable everywhere is yanked first) he talks about going back and to our roots and behaving like the fathers, but the fathers didn’t have electronic warfare
    Back to the thing..
    Not cannabis. Or cancer cure or… God forbid Genus, Species of the actual name. It’s always CORPORATE MEDIA SOURCE, and always a SLUR

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