Follow the Money to the Article V Convention

If the people really wanted change for the better, all they’d have to do is follow the original documents as written, as well as forcing, all elected officials to do so, likewise. Change for the better, would then come naturally. It’s so simple that even children can see it. But those in positions of usurped authority can only envision their own selfish desires.

It’s time for a major change, back to the ideologies and beliefs in which our founders established. Once the reset button has been pushed, and all the criminals which have invaded our system, and having been eradicated, those which will arise from the fray, will be the American Patriot. They’ll display the determination and resolve to restore and KEEP our cherished Republic. They’ll also have the character and morals to accomplish the task at hand. The leadership qualities which will be needed and possessed by these Men and Women will enable them.  

Just as those who founded our great Republic, these Men and Women which will bring forth the rise of the restored American Republic, will have the future as well as “others” in mind. They’ll not be enraptured with greed, lust,  and self importance, which has plagued America from within, for so long.
“It’s time for Men of God to stop avoiding the notion of offending weak minded people! It’s time for Men of God to stand for the Truth and for Righteousness! Just as our founders did, it’s time the passion for what’s right, and the rule of Law, to come into view upon the plane of Truth and Reason!”  – B.M.C.
God Bless This Republic!
Death To The NWO!

We Shall Prevail!

My Tea Party Chronicle – by Cheryl Pass

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…..seems like the apt phrase for this.
The Convention of States / Aritcle V Consitutional Convention / Con Con is appealing to people through deception. That is a fact.  And that is the tragedy of it.

Digging deeper into the Convention of States, I find that there is a Texas billionaire named Leo Linbeck III, who is the champion of the misnamed Fair Tax. Actually, his father who passed away recently, began that scheme, but his son, Linbeck III, is still in the Fair Tax game, only this time through the COS / Article V proposition.

In the midst of upper economic echelons and now in the midst of middle class, disgruntled taxpayers, Mr. Linbeck has found he can manipulate politicians, and policies with his fortune. Sadly, I find some of my conservative tea party friends being sucked into the whirling toilet bowl he is stirring up.  I’ve been told bysome of them that the Fair Tax is why they want the Convention of States / Constitutional Convention.  I wondered why the Con Con was going to be bringing in the Fair Tax, so I went looking for answers.  Mr. Leo Linbeck III is that answer.

Mr. Linbeck describes himself as a “conservative communitarian.” (see below)  Don’t you love double speak! In the Orwellian method of twisting words and combining opposite philosophies in the same phrase, Mr. Linbeck describes himself as two opposite points of view. (I describe myself as a “conservative communitarian.”) He has hired and convinced some lawyers to do the propaganda tour to convince the grassroots that a Constitutional Convention is the answer to all that ails our nation.

Mr. Linbeck is not the lone wealthy person behind COS, but is a major player. In 2012, Mark Meckler left the Tea Party Patriots to join Linbeck in a PAC called Campaign for Primary Accountability, the purpose of which was to unseat incumbent politicians. There was money from Campaign for Primary Accountability (CPA) spent with Karl Rove who was active in our state of NC, as my friends well know.  (Mike Huckabee was involved with one of the candidates during the primary.  Connection to Huckabee below.) Mr.  Meckler also set up another non-profit called “Citizens for Self Governance.”  “Self Governance” is a favorite phrase of Leo Linbeck III.  Now Mr. Meckler, formerly with Tea Party Patriots, is on the sales tour for Convention of States.

According to Mr. Linbeck regarding descriptions of his actions and orgs. “Well, we’ve been described as conservative, liberal, anarchists, nihilists, right-wingers, and – my personal favorite – both pro-Obama and anti-Obama.”

Having it both ways:

So, in North Carolina, perhaps that is why we hear from Thom Tillis (NC Senate Candidate) that Obamacare just needs tweaking…is mostly just fine? And Mr. Tillis is on board with North Carolina P3 toll roads, a “Third Way” financing of our roads.  Is this why we are hearing mixed messages from our Lt. Gov. who says he is against Common Core on the one hand, but then says 95% of it is just great? Perhaps this explains why our Lt. Gov. said something similar to me regarding “sustainability,” i.e. “most of it is just great.”  This evening, our Lt. Governor is at a promotional  presentation with Michael Farris, the National Director of Convention of Sates.  (“Farris and both Mark and Patty Meckler, founders of the increasingly influentialConvention Of States, a division of Citizens for Self Governance. “)

Mike Huckabee tried to have it both ways on Common Core as well…and is all in for the Fair Tax. Now Huckabee is out there promoting the movie, “UnFair,” which is nothing more than a propaganda film for the Fair Tax ….which IS the Linbeck scheme.  From what I’ve seen of Mike Huckabee, he would call himself a “progressive conservative,” so being attached to Linbeck’s Fair Tax scheme and promoting Common Core would fit like a glove.

Do you wonder who is driving this mind-bending duplicity campaign to the grassroots?  It’s positively schizophrenic.

Again, from 2012, a press release: (Mark Meckler) The Tea Party leader is joining a CPA leadership team that includes the libertarian O’Keefe, the “conservative communitarian” Leo Linbeck…”

Between the misnamed, so-called “Fair Tax,” the Convention of States / Article V / Constitutional Convention, and now finding a Communitarian with large sums of money behind them,  I am seriously concerned that our State legislators are once again being bought and led down a garden path….the wrong way and over a cliff with no return tickets. The Constitutional Convention, these people call a “Convention of States to propose amendments” has no return (to the Constitution) tickets.

Today, I want to hammer home the definition of “communitarianism,” so my friends will understand the game afoot. Communitarianism is defined below. I would ask people read and realize who is shoving this Article V Convention at the grassroots tea partiers. And then ask, how does this fit with your beliefs and hopes for our Constitution.

Definition of Communitarianism:

Like Collectivism, which stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, Communitarianism focuses on community and society, and seeks to give priority to group goals over individual goals. However, for the most part, communitarians emphasize the use of non-governmental organizations in furthering their goals, and so differ from authoritarian or Communist sympathizers. Its exact premises and policy consequences are difficult to pin down, and most criticism of Communitarianism has come from individualist thinkers concerned that it just provides cover for collectivists.

Although a 20th Century philosophy, the term “communitarian” was coined in the 1840s by the British utopian Socialist Goodwyn Barmby (1820 – 1881) to refer to advocates of a communalist society (which refers to communal living and/or communal property, essentially a forerunner to modern Communism).

Ideological Communitarianism can be seen as a radical centrist ideology (a third way philosophy which includes the belief that, in affirming the core principles involved on both sides of a political argument, the disagreement can be resolved or rendered moot). It is sometimes marked by leftism on economic issues and conservatism on social issues. Communitarians seek to bolster social capital (the value to democracy of social networks and groups) and the institutions of civil society. It also affirms positive rights such as state subsidized education, state subsidized housing, a safe and clean environment, universal health care, extensive public works programs, and often even the right to a job, and laws limiting pollution, gun ownership, etc.

Communitarianism from Philosophy Basics

New York Times – Huckabee + Fair Tax

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2 thoughts on “Follow the Money to the Article V Convention

  1. Your article is like so many I’ve read — shadowy scary fear-mongering based on bad and baseless information. Even if this guy was contributing loads of money (which you provide no proof of), 38 states will have to approve each proposed amendment. So 38 state legislatures (house and senate) would have to be bought off for bad amendments to be ratified. If this is true, then we are certainly beyond hope. But that is not true at all.

    What is your solution — elect more conservatives? Follow the Constitution? Nullification/Article 10?. Yes we need to do all of those — but the destruction of our Constitution has been accelerating in spit of our efforts. We need structure changes that nullification and good politicians can’t achieve — term limits for congress, supreme court and federal judges; repealing the 17th amendment; clarifying the commerce and welfare clauses, etc. You can’t nullify what isn’t a law so the 10th doesn’t fix term limits of repeal amendments or clarify current language. And Congress/politicians isn’t going to make these changes and rein in it own power. So again what is your real, workable solution??

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