From A Mason Jar

A son of a Scottish Farmer (an immigrant), named, Landis Mason, (that’s the son) patented his jar in 1858 in the United States.

And  so it began, the Mason Jar!

It had a threaded neck and a screw on lid, as hot liquids cooled, a seal was formed first time ever!

And right there, formed a family tradition.       

Inside this glass jar would there-upon, forever, flow, the magic of families here-within and those who would purchase that captured within, for months upon to come, until opened.  Much of the within’s were always kept to home. Not sold in the grocery store!…..that’s a subject to explore…..and for this inner exploration, let’s take a look.  My!  Inside that Jar…Is…All, One, of the living, would ask to be a part of!

Wow.  Talk about beauty.  The scene is manifest of the outside.  Nature itself.

Every and all aspects of the seasons.(ARE HERE)  Summer! Heat.  Fall! Moonlight. Winter, snow. spring blessings.

The spring season, brought the family’s heartfelt longing of love to continue on, into the anticipated next season which was just now emerging…and the YES   SUMMER.

The summer, reminded all, to be strong, cause, things can get testing….and so twas always a reminder to be at the top of possibilities.

And the fall….seemed each time, was, it’s OK…Winter will allow us to rest a bit and to prepare for the springs work.

This Mason Jar  (solitude) is as the original, glass jar that we purchase  today, a calling to each that there is yet a tomorrow of purpose, a tomorrow of meaning, a tomorrow from the almighty, glistened down upon us and ever ongoing within the Mason Jar.

12 thoughts on “From A Mason Jar

  1. I do invite comments….and realize that,my writing
    would have been more back and forth had i not
    ended with….”:on goings within a mason jar”
    Damn! that is a tough e

  2. I like Mason jars. They are great glasses, and excellent for storing dried goods and ya cannot beat then for canning.

    1. Yes…………and……… purpose on writing this posting…
      as from the ……………..Mason Jar
      was to this…….
      lets talk about……tomorrow
      food, longevity, society, country…
      need to connect…….
      All These,.are the issue………………

      1. That is right rbeason. in fact, when I was growing up we used to make jellies and jams and to top them off we would just pour melted paraphin wax instead of thoes caps and rings they use and the wax did the trick perfectly.
        Yes rbeason, that was a good one, brought back memories for sure buddy 😉 . I even remember tomatoe jellies – those were great and were all done in those Mason jars.
        Yes I like those Mason jars for sure in more ways that one or two or three or I could go on and on . Thanks rbeason. 😉

        1. thing is I have a second
          the subject of LOVe.,…
          coming from a MASON JAR
          With Henry’s ok
          it will be posted right here on fromthe trenhes…………and no where else..

  3. I store so many things in my mason jars, tupperware can suck it. I find that my mason jars are better for keeping leftovers like homemade tomato sauce, or salsa or even chicken soup. They fit better in the fridge than a square or even round container, it’s made of glass, so there is no seepage from plastic. I bought the plastic lids made for the quart and pint containers, which are washable. Mason jars rock!

  4. Did you know that many, if not most, blenders can be used with a standard mason jar, or wide-mouthed mason jar? This is a trick my mother taught me. Apparently 40 years ago or so, about the time this blender pictured was bought, manufacturers used to include a mason jar in the box with the blender. Mom recalls even a booklet that listed the many things one could make with the mason jar blender, including ground spices, whipped cream, and peanut butter. We use this trick most often to make whipped cream. The blender whips it right in the jar, so if we have extra, it’s already in a jar for storage. And it is easier when it comes to making small quantities.

  5. Thanks rbeason! I love your article.

    I can every year, I just finished the tomatoes that I caned this past summer, but still have many pickles on hand. My love captured in a mason jar. What could be more fitting for a mother that cares so much for the family she feeds.

    I got a lovely gift from my son’s girlfriend, as she knows how I love to can from my garden. (I’m not sure how to post it, so I will rely on Laura when she has the time. I don’t want to make it a seperate post, I wish I could post it here). She gave it to me as a gag gift, but I thought it was cool. LOL


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