From the Trenches April Drawing

Last Day!

Bulldog, Mary, Missy, Frost Jack, Mike from Minnesota, Mark Schumacher, Flee, and Millard are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report.

Bulldog has provided 28 pre-1964 silver dimes. (Jolly Roger not included)  

28 pre-1964 dimes

Mary has provided three books from Allan W. Eckert’s The Winning of America series,

eckert books

Missy has provided emergency coffee and a 72 hour kit from Patriot Pantry.

coffee and 72 hour kit

Missy has also provided 15 various seed packets.


Frost Jack has provided a 69 inch 50 pound Samick Longbow.

69 inch samick longbow at 50 lbs

Mike from Minnesota has provided a bug-out bag, jam packed with useful, necessary items.

  • Quick Clot stop bleeding pad
  • Moist wipes
  • Tampons
  • Tissue
  • Para cord handled survival knife
  • Eyeglass repair kit
  • Foot powder
  • Oral care kit
  • Emergency blanket
  • Emergency food ration bars
  • Peppered jerky
  • Protein bars
  • Large plastic bag
  • First aid items
  • 5 MREs
  • Soup base mix
  • Dehydrated food
  • Pocket Bible
  • Camouflage tarp
  • Paracord
  • Soap
  • Water proof matches
  • Candles
  • Coffee
  • Coffee creamer
  • Tea
  • Flash light
  • Fire starting tinder
  • Anti-bacterial wet wipes
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Ora-jel
  • Chapstick
  • Band-aids
  • Dental floss
  • Moleskin plus padding
  • Lighter

mike's bug-out bag

Mark Schumacher has provided a Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio.

cb radio

Flee has provided three Survival Seed Vaults from our sponsor, My Patriot Supply for three winners.


Millard has provided a large olive green Trenchers shirt.

Mike from Minnesota has also provided a lady’s bug out bag, jam packed with useful, necessary items, plus a full med kit and tarps.


The prizes will be drawn for in the order they were received which is how they are listed here.

All those who have contributed since the last drawing are automatically included in the drawing, one entry per one dollar donation.

The drawing will be held Friday, April 22, 2016, in the final segment of The Word From the Trenches.

All donations are needed and appreciated.  Good luck to all those who step up.

We extend our thanks to Bulldog, Mary, Missy, Frost Jack, Mike from Minnesota, Mark Schumacher, Flee, and Millard for providing the prizes.

33 thoughts on “From the Trenches April Drawing

      1. Hey EOTS!

        Not to butt heads, but wasn’t that yesterday? Did you know that Massachusetts and Maine are the only states in the country that observe Patriots Day as a holiday? I know because I live in MA. Sad that it isn’t nation wide. 🙁

        1. oh, I thought it was the 19th

          if I’m wrong , then it wouldn’t be the first time

          funny though, how no post about Patriots day

          Carry on

          1. Patriots’ Day (officially Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts and Wisconsin and Patriot’s Day in Maine) is a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War on April 19, 1775.

          2. Oh yes, the date you posted is right. But for some reason it was observed yesterday. At least here and in Maine. State offices were closed and Massachusetts schools started their April vacation week as of yesterday.

            Nothing is as it seems anymore. Hell, daylight savings time has changed so much that who knows when the sun is suppose to rise and set. 😉

            I wasn’t trying to prove you wrong EOTS, just making an observation. 🙂

          3. No worries Deb

            as you state, nothing is as it seems any more

            Long live the Republic!

          4. I just got to wondering if they observe Patriots Day in Wisconsin as well. (Millard chime in)! The dates vary for some odd reason. Patriots day should be observed by every state as far as I’m concerned. Not just because of Lexington and Concord, but for all patriots in the United States far and wide. Funny how silly holidays are observed, i.e.: Valentine’s Day, earth day, etc. will be marked on a calendar, but something as important as patriots day will barely get recognition. Sickening!

  1. That is a bad ass bug out bag!

    Good stuff everyone! How about a record month for donations to the drawing?

  2. Hey Mark, what is the range for that unit? I removed my CB from my truck and have it stashed behind the seat because my whip antenna was hitting trees everywhere I go. Is that a viable replacement for driving?

    1. Figure on about half the range as a big whip antenna truck mount. They work better standing outside, because of the smaller antenna.

      You can modify existing antenna by a CB guy at truck stop depending on conditions, they could reach for miles, even with stock set up.

      Maybe somebody who has one could chime in.

      1. I wanted to do duel ant on my truck but the width isn’t as much as a big rig and the antenna fight each other. I did a whip on the roof so I wasn’t talking to the ditches. I keep my set up behind my seat for shtf but still like to talk to the truckers who aren’t digitized. Too many are now. They don’t talk any more.

      2. (Maybe somebody who has one could chime in.) I won one of them and I have it in my pickup but I live so far out in the woods (70 miles) I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. But I Will. Thank you again Mark. 🙂

      3. Mark….they work better outside because inside the truck, the truck itself is acting as a bigger antenna, and stealing radio signals before the hand-held unit can pick them up.

        That’s also why your truck-mounted CB has an antenna outside the cab. If you hooked this to the outside antenna it will probably work just as well. (or if you pull your outside antenna into the cab, the truck mounted unit would work just as poorly)

        The radios are great, but they weren’t designed for use inside a vehicle. They’ll work in there, but reception will suffer, unless you get the antenna outside.

  3. Henry, I got 1 more large green trenches shirt you can include in the drawing. I would’ve called you but toothaches ain’t fun. After the drawing, send me the winning address, and I’ll get it out. Millard

  4. “Bulldog has provided 28 pre-1964 silver dimes. (Jolly Roger not included)”

    Now I’m hurt.

    1. I was waiting for that bro. You are definitely included. I flew that flag on my tank in Iraq. I cant part with it. I just added it for pirate effect with the silver.

    2. As soon as I saw that I was like why is jolly Roger not included!! Bulldog is my hubby and I had forgotten that flag was called jolly roger!! So jolly Roger you are way included!!

      1. I was only kidding.. I knew what Bulldog meant. (and I wouldn’t part with that flag either, Bulldog)

        Traditionally, flying the “Jolly Roger” meant that you had severed all ties to any nation, and that’s why the pirates used it.

  5. I could write a mile long article about the shit my unit gave me for that flag. But rest assured it flew and I never took it down. I had my reasons.

  6. the mres in the BOB, are called LURPS
    thier freezedried meals, or long,range,patrol rations.
    i think i need to do a ladies,BOB one for the girls
    cause women are more practical,

  7. well i did it, i built aB OB for the gals here.
    it’s a coyote tan recon pack w/-rehydration bladder
    i went with dehydrated food over the lurps due to the bags
    sm,size and had to add a 200,rd saw,pouch for the ifak.
    it will weigh about 11,lbs when done. i tried to leave some room
    for clothes or whatever. the bag is a SOG and new.henry will post a photo
    when he recieves it. it’s ment to be a summer bag.

    1. Wow mikey, that’s one heck of a B.O.B. You go above and beyond. Now you made one for the gals. I’m amazed by your thoughtful and loving soul. 🙂

  8. Pardon me while I drink beer on a Saturday and speak my mind,

    Alex Jones lives in a 5000\ month apartment in Austin after his divorce from his wife he has to pay 43000 per month to her for two years. (You can easily find this info) how much money is donated to him each month to pay for his Hollywood lifestyle????
    He tells half truths. Henry tells THE truth. Trenches is a free place where we can all speak freely and discuss truth without being censored. When I found trenches it was a great feeling because I felt I had finally found a place where I can be around Patriots who understand reality and are truly ready for what is coming. Trenches is truly a nation wide group of American Nationals that understand reality and the True meaning of the Bill of Rights and how to protect it.
    Missy and I have found more real friends on Trenches than anywhere in our community.
    Digger Dan (RIP), Paul, NWO, Millard, NC, Mark S. Still gonna cook a gumbo if yuour big rig ever comes down to I10 in LA. smilardog (miss you here bro) Joe from the Carolinas Deb, who Missy is on the phone with now. (She lives in mass and we live in Louisiana never would have happened without Trenches) And numerous others. I never would have met y’all without Henry and Laura doing what they do!
    It ain’t cheap and it ain’t easy to do what they do 7 days a week. We are the new right and if we don’t step up we are going to be getting our info from infowars and and and other mainstream (alt right) outlets.
    We had a saying in the Army: help me to help you. Can we make it a record month? Henry used to say this to me on the phone in October when liberty tree needed to pay some bills: if every listener would send a buck it would be over. One buck. We all have one dollar that we can give to the movement.
    I will stop now because I want to listen to my Lynard Skynard and drink some more beer. Y’all have a great Saturday Night and Get Ready It’s Coming

    1. Dammit Bulldog, I figure your “down south” somewhere, but , if I was ever passin’ by, I’d sure stop in just to say “Hey”. Just like if I were heading west, there’s a few people I’d like to shake hands with.

  9. Cheers Bulldog!
    Think about the numbers that you posted! That’s mind blowing! $48,000.00 a month, not including utilities and expenses. Who makes that kind of money, unless you’re well funded? Say brother can you spare a shekel?

    Henry and Laura have given us a true place to be ourselves, to be free without censorship. We have become friends. Family. Let that sink in for a moment. Missy and I have become best long distant friends, and I hope to meet her and Bulldog in person one day. None of this would have been possible without the Trenches. Henry has risked his life fighting for the truth. He only speaks the truth, and that is why so many of us are drawn here. The first causality of war is the truth, I’m not willing to be a causality. Are you? I’m not speaking to everyone who has done their level best to help out around here, I’m speaking to those who read and listen and have never pitched in. If you’re going to help make this world a better place, why not start here? This is a place where people care and want to see a brighter world, for us, for our children, and for generations to come. This is a fight for our very existence. Thank you to everyone who donated and provided some kick arse prizes for the drawing. 🙂

    Oh and Bulldog, stay away from ‘free bird’ lol 😉

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