From the Trenches to be shut down again by the socialists at SiteGround

The CEO of SiteGround, Tenko Nikolov, has informed us that they have decided to terminate our contract.  They admit that they misdirected our domain name and took From the Trenches out for two days, which has cost us dearly.  This CEO however contends that his organization is not political in any way and that the politics of From the Trenches had nothing to do with the oopsidaisy that drove our site into the ground.  This is an international company with its legal office based in Washington DC and I’m sure they are not involved in politics in any way.

This is the equivalent of hiring someone to clean your expensive carpets.  After they say they are done, you inspect the job and see that one of their machines has tore the hell out of your carpet.  You say, “Hey, you destroyed my carpet” and then they say, “Well if that is your attitude, here is your money back and we don’t want to work for you anymore. And oh yeah, tough shit as for your property we destroyed, your loss.”

And we wonder why our country is going to hell in a hand basket.

We will be changing servers and moving our domain name again and it is going to take the site down and hurt it even more.  (Hopefully we won’t be down for more than a couple of days.) Of course we will not be compensated for the damage done to us because we are American nationals and those who have damaged us are in bed with the soviet socialists who are intent upon enslaving we American nationals.

When we have recaptured our country, there will be justice for every offense committed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

50 thoughts on “From the Trenches to be shut down again by the socialists at SiteGround

  1. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, Monica Crowley and Lou Dobbs notified of this event. Keep the Faith!

  2. It’ll be good. Know you’ll be back & running full bore……Commies seem to be plentiful these days.

  3. I was worried when I tried to go to your site and it wasn’t there.

    I think you’re coverage of the Boston Bombing was too much for them at that moment in time.

    Long live the republic and long live From the Trenches!!!

  4. Ba$tards! Well I definately could say more than that! But better not start on my rant. I just posted on another topic, I was glad FTT was still up and running today, and went back to inbox and saw this…… 🙁
    I’ll keep watching for updates, glad you found out what Was going on…Grrrrrr!

    1. RT, both of your comments and my reply to one of them disappeared, I got your reply in my e-mail, but when I clicked on the reply box, it came up reply to anonymous instead of you. They are seriously screwing with this site right now, none of the comments are matching up to the articles they were obviously written for. I just sent Henry an e-mail to let him know what going on. Same goes for me, Henry, you have my ph. #, it’s o.k. to send it to RT. They can’t stop the phone service, the sorry pukes, and whoever is doing the sh#t, no doubt your reading these comments, so FU, and ALL your Zionist POS lowlife TRASH, you’re not long for this world, and we’ll spit on your graves, @sswipes.

      I’m replying to her on one of her older comments, let’s see where this one ends up.

      1. Some of the comments have been lost while the site was switching over and we are going to see one more glitch when we move the domain name, but after that, it looks like this server is going to work out.

  5. Henry and Laura-Since I found you after hearing Henry on RBN a few months back, FTT has become my #1 site that I check first in the morning, and last thing at night to see what the enemy is up to. You most definitely must be over the target to get the attacks that you are getting. I listen every day to the radio show, along with Mark’s show. I truly appreciate your dedicated work to the American nationals in our struggle to save this once called “republic”, which I pray can be restored. A day without the “Trenches” is a day without hearing the truth from a true patriot. Hurry back, as we so need you. Blessings.

    1. Me too Paula! More eyes gleaning the internet means more info in one place. I’ll keep checking back Henry and Laura. Good luck! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

      . . .

    2. Yep Paula, same with me, I go through FTTWR withdrawal when the Trenches are shut down. I hate going through withdrawals. FTTWR is what america is meant to be about it is. 🙂

  6. The dark shadow powers are becoming more visible. The truth brings ’em out every time. I’m sure Henry and FTT will prevail.

  7. “From the Trenches” is like a valuable commodity. Your site reported on
    all the up-to-date news others had not even mentioned. Other sites such as
    “What Really Happened” used your info to report. I found nothing biased
    in your reporting; a wide range of topics. Sounds like discrimination
    and jealousy by unremarkables. Will you reopen with the same domain
    Keep the faith as I know I will.

  8. I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw how few articles were posted this morning, Henry, even though I fell asleep watching a movie last night (“Wag the Dog”, I just bought a used copy, never seen it before). That’s why I didn’t send you anything. Please send me an e-mail to let me know when you’ll be back up, I will save the best of the articles I can find until then.
    I guess I’ll head up to my brother’s place to watch movies today and tomorrow, I don’t want to be in L.A. tomorrow anyway, even though I don’t give much credence to the Fakebook thing, this place still sucks, even without it being nuked.

    Look at it this way, Henry. Even if nothing else comes from this, at least it’ll keep me out of Starbucks for a few days. 🙂 (still waiting for that article from you lambasting them)

    It will accomplish this much though. My hatred for the NWO just went up another notch or two. (if at all possible).

    Hurry back, Henry. I know how much you hate dead air.

    Your friend always,
    # 1 NWO Hatr

    1. p.s. Looks like I’ll be making phone calls again, Henry. Angel is unreachable for now, so all I have are JD’s, NC’s and REDHORSE’s numbers. Please do me a favor and shoot digger an e-mail with my ph. #, as we still haven’t exchanged #’s yet. (you said you had a problem getting through to his e-mail when I sent you my # to give him the first time).
      I said I was going to make phone calls when they took down the site, and I meant it. They can’t stop that, YET.

      1. Hi ya there #1, I was locked up tight as a snare drum for about 2 1/2 hr.s or so this morn. again. Happy B. Day buddy. I also got my 59th comeing up in about 3 weeks myself. Us tauranians are some hard headed stubborn but loyal bastards aren`t we 🙂 but at least we are honest eh. Hey #1 I just sent Henry mail to give ya my address and then some for me. feel free to get ahold of me anytime eh bro.

        1. Hey digger, thanks for the info. I’ll be talking to you sometime in the next few hours.

          Still trying to get hold of my brother, guess I should have called him before today. He’s usually home most of the time.

        1. Thanks uL, it’s actually next Friday, the day Iron Man 3 opens. (good choice for an opening day).

  9. These travesties are noted and recorded.
    The truth coming forward from “Trenches” will not be silenced.
    They might have won the battle………but………
    We’ve won the war, they just don’t know it yet.
    ” Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable
    in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.”
    – Psalm 19:14

  10. …since it sounds like the people who control such processes…have other “sites” and alternative places that are not being shut down….it would be great if FTT could print / publish a list of other sites owned by this fascist….
    …and we can begin a boycott of any other site that still helps to finance the idiot you have attempted to do honorable business with….perhaps we can turn the tables on the Soviet Gangster…and cut into his / her revenues and profits…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family


    null Field McConnell
    8 minutes ago
    1 View


    Crisis Actors, Sandy Hook and Boston

    Crisis Actors, Vision Box and DHS are getting very sloppy and the false flags including Sandy Hook, Boston, 9/11, Cudahy, Aurora will bring down Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 when a lawsuit is filed in Fargo’s U S District Court against Barry Soetoro, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and (redacted). On Monday, 29 April, 2013 will will be covering the details of this increasingly sloppy and desperate FALSE FLAG attacks which are the subject of Prince Philip’s PHONY BALONEY visit to David Johnston in Canada. The Royals are upset that David J has blown Russell Williams and Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s connection to 9/11 and JbR and the Royals are upset with Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 for his failure to gain gun control. Civil Case 3:13-cv-69 FIELD MCCONNELL Punahou 67 v. BARRY SOETORO Punahou 79 looms as three Pelindaba Nukes and One Missing Minot are placed for additional false flags in (redacted). Field McConnell, Punahou ’67, Annapolis ’71 715 307 8222

  12. Hoping for a very smooth move for you, Henry. In the meantime, you’ll be intensely missed.

    As far as the tactics of SiteGround, what goes around comes around, and 100 times back at them.

  13. I love this site and determine whether to go about my day armed or with sandles based on it being up and running or not. When FTTWR is down and WRH wont load right and PTV is redirected yet cnn and msnbc are still up I know the war for my mind is being fought. Keep on Keepin ON

  14. Sorry to hear this happened. This site is part of my daily news roundup, and I almost always find unique and interesting articles here. Let us know what the new domain is, we’ve got bookmarks to replace. 🙂

  15. You guys have no idea how happy I am that I found this site! After Boston, I knew something wasn’t right ( on my own) So i started doing my homework and I am now A THINKER! Please let me know where you go. I stand with you 100% and if I can do anything let me know. I just want to say that I know so many people that are starting to question what their seeing & hearing just bc of Boston. Keep up the good work & please email me or something so that ill know where you go.

  16. Boy, that relationship sure as hell didn’t last long…… these bastards are dropping like flies….

  17. Good luck, Henry. I’ll be checking up on the status of your site daily and will be checking out WRH as well in the meantime. Let me know if you need any help.

  18. We need to Need a plan for this when it happens. In addition I will E Mail Mike Reviero and others and make some calls myself. The more we do the better. We have to help Henry and let others know we are being attacked by the @#&%)))#@. Oops words escape me at the moment – all I can get out is TRAITORS. If I can help in anyway e mail me.

  19. This site is under constant attack because it reveals truths that are a danger to those who live on lies.

    I’d like to ask all readers to bear with this inconvenience, and understand that it’s the nature of the battle we’re in. Stick it out with the rest of us, and don’t let them win.

    This site will be back, so you will have a source of real news. I hope you come back too.

    1. I’ll be back Jolly … not ever leaving. Henry, hurry back soon and let me know if I can help in any way.

      . . .

      1. Ditto, Henry. (goes without saying)
        I’ll send what I can to help out, but I can’t do anything until Monday, being that I don’t keep any money in the bank or my credit union anymore (for obvious reasons).

        1. Thank you so much but we have it under control. After the last time, we made sure we had the finances set aside to move the site on a moment’s notice.

          Thanks to everyone who has offered to help, you are true friends.

  20. Just saw this…..dayum!! Hey digger,..Nc, #1NwoHatr…somebody e-mail me and keep me up to speed…please!
    Henry, I can scrape some coins but it will be the first of the month….
    Dont drop me out guys..

  21. Hey Henry this is just the end of this chapter, things are just hotting up and will get very interesting going forward. Remember that the next chapter has not been written yet!!

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of the state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussol

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

  22. Something to ponder over:

    If you are one of those very concerned about eating GMO foods then the solution is very revealing – BUY KOSCHER FOODS

    Be reminded that it is now not politically correct to use the word Bastards and its use could possibly have a site like this shut down as it has a negative connotation against a chosen minority, research has revealed that the modern positive term is Love Child (s).

  23. I really hate PC (Political Correctness). It’s what’s dividing the people and killing this country. Just thought I’d throw that in for … well … you know who you are.

    On another note. Hang in there Henry and Laura. We are still here and you have my support for the “new home”.

    Happy Sunday.

    . . .

  24. I for one will not forget this. I suggest that you pick a service in a well grounded red state. Someplace where our side has plenty of sway. I think this world needs an ideological cleansing. Honest and free men can not live with tyrants. Whether you call them, nazi, facist, statist, or globalist. They are predators that want to live off the rest of them. We can not coexist peacefully.

  25. Henry – f#@k the commies at siteground. Go to hostgator, which is no more expensive for a vpn, and who is based in Houston. I’ve used them for my sites for years. Better uptime. Great Customer service via phone. Moving this WP site should be pretty simple using a hostgator cpanel. Hostgator is not run by a commie zion ist.

    Meanwhile, I’ll head over to ripoffreport dot com and a few other high alexa sites, and tell everyone, [with all the right keywords in the title, so it gets indexed properly], about how sitepoint CENSORS sites, AND is owned and run by bulgarian communists. Once ripoffreport dot com and complaintsboard dot com get complaints, they NEVER remove them.

    Put up an html page saying we’re moving. Your multimillion page view traffic should not be hurt.

    I’ll email the traitors in dc and ask them too suspend all hoaxes until FTT gets back up, so we don’t miss out on the GD truth. lol


  26. & I thought that it was maybe that I’d offended someone here or something;-)
    my Ustream went down when I was streaming live at a local drone protest.
    other sites are getting attacked,& messed with as well,they are either afraid of the growing tide of awareness, &/or gearing up for the next ‘phase’ or whatever….

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