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  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Fascinating that we have actual pictures from the scene at the time of the event.

    Sooooo,… let’s see what we got here:

    1) You can clearly see that the planes fuselage (where the passangers would normally sit in),… is still partially above water,… that is,.. its not fully submerged, so there is clearly breathing room in the cabin still.

    2) You can see 7 of the 9 passengers have safely exit the downed aircraft The 7th person is the one taking the photo, and is clearly in not to much of a distressed (injured) state,.. or they would not be taking the photo.

    3) You can easily see 4 of the 6 exhibit no signs of any kind of real trauma (the other 2 have their back to us at the aircrraft door),… meaning,.. no signs of blood (as would occur from their face being slammed had the landing been a truly rough one),. no one is holding their head, face or cradling an arm or anything to that effect, which is wholly and completely natural physical reation to any such injury,.. again, indicating no blunt force trauma or injury from debris or damaged aircraft parts.

    In addtion: Even the two with their backs to us,.. show no indication of any kind of severe trauma (or they would not be trying to render assistance to the 2 remaining in the plane),.. nor is there any sign of blodd on them even though they clearly protrude from the water more than the 3 in the foreground of this picture.

    4) There does not appear to be any aircraft debris in the sorrunding water,.. nor does there appear to be any structural damage from the porion of aircraft that is still above water,.. again suggesting that the decelation forces were mild at best, thereby not capable of inducing any blunt force trauma to the passengers.

    So,.. a couple of quick questions are order,.. don’t you think?

    1) What was the problem with the aircraft to begin with that they had to ditch like this?

    2) How long did take for the 7 to exit the aircraft?

    3) Who is still in the plane along with Fuddy?

    4) Where was Fuddy sitiing in relation to the exit? (The last person out of the plane SHOULD be the pilot(s), as they are the furthest foward in the plane, up in the ccockpit,.. and would then have had to decide to ignore Fuddy as they went passed her to exit,… or they would have helped her out of her seat to push her towards the exit.

    5) How long did the aircraft remain afloat like this?

    6) What was Fuddy’s declared “Cause Of Death”?

    7) Was anybody on this flight injured?,.. at all?,…. in anyway,.. except Fuddy?

    8) What is the background of the person still in the aircraft with Fuddy,… and why is he/she on this flight?

    And these are just some of the initial questions that need to be answered,.. and should be very to easy to answer as there is no real deep research/testing/evaluations needed to do so.

    JD – US Marines – So,.. it’s clear that the Obama Protection Team felt it was better to murder one of their operatives,.. then allow her to be a continued risk.

    1. JD the one thing that we can all be sure of is that we will never be told the truth about any of this! And the other thing that is for sure Fuddy is out of the picture now and silenced forever.

  2. It’s pretty clear to me if you are going to play with the big dogs, YOU WILL BECOME A LIABILITY. Sheeple better learn really quickly, don’t play their game. Bang Bang you are DEAD.

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