Full shelves in North Dakota

went to the store here in town and took pictures.  All shelves are stocked except for milk, bread and toilet paper.  As I was leaving the store the  bread delivery man pulled up.

10 thoughts on “Full shelves in North Dakota

      1. If I remember correctly, your state ( N. Dakota ) is the ONLY state with a…’ state ‘ bank and wasn’t too much affected by the ’07-’08 financial crisis:-) Not that I’m a socialist-communist ( on the contrary…I’m/was an ANTI-commie ), but this is not a real capitalism/free market, but a rigged one. On the other hand, just got the last CDC/Gov recommendation: have your toilet paper handy…just in case you’ll have you’ll have something to eat after the next couple of weeks 🙂

  1. You can’t get a hotdog in k y , Sunday was out went by the big store here in a one horse town and every car tag I look at was from other city’s as far away 150 miles . No meat bread can goods . But we added to are supply a month ago

  2. That p.butter below the JIF looks like the natural/organic pb I’ve bought here at our store.
    What’s the age demographic there? Are they the “greatest gen.” that are living off their heroism thinking nothing will ever touch me?

    1. I’m a label reader…most popular brands of peanut butter add sugar….I only buy ones that list peanuts as ingredient
      A lot of oldies here as well as baby boomers.

  3. shelves are empty by me
    got pictures from my friend in Garland Tx ..empty too

    talked with friends in Tennessee ..empty shelves too

    my daughter looked at me and said , why aint you panicked dad?
    because honey , i was always prepared for some shit to go down , and this wont phase me or starve me

  4. Mary if that store still got all the food that the picture show I would be stocking up it been over a week here and no restock . I have been helping the older folks get stuff the need when I can find it . Once your store run dry it may take some time for it to be restock . The big stores I’m hearing do not have the trucks to stock with , I also heard a big trucking company may start hauling nothing but food to help out . Mark maybe able to answer some of the stuff I’m hearing . Plus the warehouse are running out of food , take what I’m saying and do what you like with it . One store here got 200 gallons of milk and it was gone in and hour . Plus farms did have a bad grow last year . So far this year we can’t get into the hay fields because of rain . We’re a small town

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