Fundraiser For Fired Hearne Officer Reaches Its Goal

This pisses me off.


Donations have been pouring in from across the state, nation, even the world for former Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem. He was fired by the Hearne City Council on May 10, four days after he shot and killed 93-year-old Pearlie Golden.

The Go Fund Me account set up by a police officer in Alabama reached its goal of raising $5,000 late Friday night.  

The plan is to keep the site up until Stem has a new job or financial stability.

13 thoughts on “Fundraiser For Fired Hearne Officer Reaches Its Goal

  1. Ha Yea, must be nice to have that kind of support until he gets another job when he is a being a murdering cop that got fired.
    He needs to be breaking rocks in prison – hell he should be hung for murder.

  2. Too many people love their chains and jailers and
    have contempt for those of us who want liberty
    and live in a voluntary society.

    1. Personally, Bullwinkle, I prefer freedom over liberty.

      Liberty is what sailors are given. But are they free? No, they’re still slaves to the system and have to return to duty once their ‘liberty’ is over.

      Liberty is one of those words that they twist to make you think it means one thing, when it really means another.

      1. Liberty is the road one travels to Freedom.
        You are not free now.
        Those that think they are free are the most enslaved.
        Even your thoughts have been tampered with. People do not know how to use the Trivium method to discern truth.

  3. this so called public official, COP
    should be charged with Murder….
    nOT given defense funds…………..
    Public media did it again!
    Shamed the citizen…….with non truth…………and this is the result……….

    1. in our country tis illegal for me to say what I think should be done…freedom of speech is………well, momentary! And Specific to cause….Not as the (our bill of rights say} a right!
      In other countries what has happened in these situations…people have taken the situation in hand for themselves…………..Ya, that’s the way it is
      Nam….in country….1969……….against my will…………

  4. What judge deemed this 93 year old man a “threat” worthy of lethal force? Have you considered that, maybe, something is “amiss” with our judicial system? There’s more than just a few that deserve to hang.

  5. Wow! Impressive! A real Man’s man. Maybe there are some little girls running a kool-aid stand he can ho “serve and protect” when he gets his job back.

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