Gas Price Gouging has become the Status Quo

The price of a gallon of gasoline has risen for the past 34 days in a row as we Americans are being fleeced for the last few dollars we have left in our pockets.  It wasn’t that many years ago when the increase in gasoline prices was put forth as being in direct correlation with supply and demand.  When it finally reached the point that we Americans cut back on our gas consumption because we literally could not afford it anymore, the criminal oil cartels realized they had us right where they wanted us.

Back in the 70s, when this brand of extortion was first tried, American nationals quickly became fed up with the situation and started ripping pumps out of the ground in the middle of the night and the gouging stopped forthwith.  But that was back before we became civilized, or rather, institutionalized into the system.  I mean to attack the poor fellow that owns the gas station would just be the wrong thing to do. 

We forgot that without the gas pumps, the gas cannot be sold and came to accept that the oil companies siphoning out our crude for $15 per barrel can charge us the world market price for the refined petroleum products.  So, like the candy-asses we have become, we just accepted the situation and allowed our freedom of travel to be diminished through international economic terrorism.

These recent increases in gas prices are completely without any legitimate cause to the effect.  At first they tried to tell us that the increases were due to the changeover to summer gas.  But that wouldn’t sell as there were still too many of us left that actually realize and comprehend that we are still IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!

They then went on to change their story to the refineries have to be shut down for maintenance before the switchover to summer gas.  They truly do not give us much credit for any aptitude toward critical thought.  The summer gas contains an additive, so many parts per gallon, which means it is simply dumped into the mix.

The fact is there has been for the past year, and is right now, a glut of crude oil in the United States, and though many of our refineries have been shut down, there is no shortage of supply.

It goes like this.  They got us to accept consuming less gas.  Then they just simply raised the price so that in the end equation, they are actually taking more money from as they give us less gas.  And is that not the new America of the 21st century, less for more, as we march forward toward our ultimate enslavement?  (Because we can’t afford the gas to drive.)

It is now being recommended as a part of our disarmament that would-be rape victims puke as a defensive measure to ward off the attack.  I hereby suggest and advocate that each time we buy gas, when the attendant comes up to the window, or when we go to the counter to make payment, we puke all over the person raping us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Gas Price Gouging has become the Status Quo

  1. Gas prices are just one of the steps to controling those of us that live paycheck to paycheck. Higher gas prices means everything elase goes up in price and as we all know – food is the best weapon of them all and that will be the first product that will go up because of these rediculous gas prices. It is time for some serious answeres as to why gas is getting so damned expensive instead of these juvenile excuses we all are supposed to accept. Screw these gas and oil executives.

  2. I have been trying to get this out on my own website for weeks now. I’ve been blasting the lamestream media, even CONTACTING the lazy assholes to demand why they aren’t even making mention of the skyrocketing gasoline prices, all to no avail.

    Get the word out. On any and every forum you populate ask the simple question: Why is gas rising so high right now and why is the media ignoring it?

  3. “I hereby suggest and advocate that each time we buy gas, when the attendant comes up to the window, or when we go to the counter to make payment, we puke all over the person raping us.”


  4. Look for record setting gas prices in the summer. What happened to that member of comrade dear leader’s first cabinet of merry marxists who said gas prices must rise to the rates they pay in the EUSSR.

  5. I wrote this in 2011

    Its mind boggling to me why we are paying so much for fuel at the pump, especially while we are exporting hundreds of thousands of barrels a day worldwide. We are refining 430,000 barrels a day more than we are actually using. So why the high prices at the pump? Americans are again getting the raw end of the stick, as other countries such as in the Middle East are paying pennies per gallon at the pump!

    It just never seems to end. We as Americans should be demanding a break for the price of fuel. Again, the oil refiners are making billions needlessly while Americans are trying to keep their families from freezing in the streets. These over inflated prices must be kept in check, and it’s just not being done. It seems that big oil has a choke hold on our leaders in Washington. Again, using their power and wealth to seduce and manipulate decisions, undoubtedly for campaign money. Big oil again controls our leaders by way of indirect bribery.

    More below:

    “U.S. oil companies are expected to be net exporters of refined petroleum products for the first time in decades, the government reported.

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration said the country produced more gasoline in September than it needed, exporting 430,000 barrels per day more than it imported, CNNMoney reported Monday.

    While it may frustrate consumers to realize the United States exports gasoline, given the high prices at the gas pump, the exports are not necessarily related to prices.

    Gasoline demand has fallen by 10 percent, 800,000 barrels per day, in recent years, as U.S. vehicles have become more fuel-efficient and the use of ethanol has cut into gasoline consumption. Presently, the country, still a net importer of crude oil, has a larger refining capacity than it needs and demand is high in emerging countries in South American and elsewhere.

    “We’ve got plenty of excess refining capacity. It’s a reminder that this is a global oil market, and it’s reflected by the movements of products to where they will get the highest prices,” said EIA spokesman Jonathan Cogan.

    Forcing oil companies to keep the excess gasoline in the country to bring down prices would only mean other countries would pick up the slack in the refining business and domestic jobs would be lost, said industry analyst Tom Kloza at Oil Price Information Service.

    “If you restrict exports, you’d really be looking for trouble. You’d just see the refining and the jobs go offshore,” he said.

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