Gates and Rumsfeld in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands

Rense – by Stephen Fox

In view of the cruel anonymity and scale of the genocide perpetrated by William Henry Gates III and Melinda Gates, with the concurrence of USA President Obama and USA President Trump (both of whom signed off on the grants to the USA “National Institute of Health” weaponization of Gates’ patented-in-Her Majesty’s London patent office, all part of Gates’ announced plans in 2015 to remove 10-15% of the human population by vaccines, plus the less obvious genocide perpetrated by Donald Rumsfeld in his profiteering with aspartame/formaldehyde as an artificial sweetener, plus all of his vaccine corporation profiteering, swine flu, Gilead, etcetera, the above cases now in the purview of the International Criminal Court, must be bifurcated and separated.

However, in this short article submitted to the International Court of Justice, they are discussed together.

My goal here is again what I originally asked the International Court of Justice to do weeks ago, which was to Issue an injunction to stop Gates in his African Genocide and in other jurisdictions in which deaths from Gates’ weaponized virus have actually occurred, as well as an Administrative Order to the Commissioner of the USA’s Food and Drug Administration to rescind approval for aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde/embalming fluid as an artificial sweetener.

The International Court of Justice declined to take the first requested action because I am not a Nation, so it therefore became incumbent upon me to telephone Bill and Melinda Gates at their Foundation in Seattle issuing my own order of injunction, to stop killing Africans.

The next day, Gates announced to the media that wealthy nations have nothing to worry about from Covid-19 deaths, but only the poor nations should worry about that.

A few days later Gates stated that because of his drinking numerous diet cokes over the years that Diet Cokes had impaired or impugned his judgements.

Rumsfeld’s response to being informed by KSFR radio news director, Thomas Trowbridge, that he was under the scrutiny of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, former Gambian Minister of Justice, Rumsfeld’s Foundation director took several days to determine that like the Gates Foundation, they also had nothing to say.

A few days later, Rumsfeld responded again through USA Secretary of State Michael Pompeo stating that he was freezing the USA bank accounts of Prosecutor Bensouda and and Lesotho’s Phakiso Mochochoko, the international lawyer who in 2002 designed the International Criminal Court, ostensibly because they had been talking with unnamed Afgahn “terrorists,” a purely Rumsfeldian concoction of accusations to shield himself from the growing international anger about his having unleased he 1981 Rumsfeld’s Plague, from Aspartame/Methanol/Formaldehyde/Embalming Fluid as an artificial sweetener, whose approval he forced through the FDA and then subsequently rubberstamped by 120 or more nations.

[Why? Because the USA’s Food and Drug Administration is mistakenly perceived by many other nations as the “strictest in the world with the very highest standards,” an error of evaluation which has permanently damaged the RNA and DNA in hundred of nations, causing irreparable harm, and killing millions of people in every nation.]

Because the patenting and FDA approval for aspartame originated in the USA, with precursor chemical synthesis in Germany in the 1940’s, according to released East German secret police (STASI) files, and because of USA’s welcome to several German “NATIONAL SOCIALIST” chemists from I.G. Farben, the corporate antecedent of Bayer (now Monsanto/Bayer), which held the contracts to build the concentration camps for European Jews used as slave labor (as seen in Schindler’s List). and because of the need to stop the carnage from this chemical feast, I made several 25 page requests of 24 USA Chief Federal Judges to voice their approval to Maryland’s Chief Federal Judge, James Bredar of Baltimore, because Maryland is the state that has both the FDA and Fort Detrick, the center for much of the USA’s bioweapons research.

Fort Detrick is where Rumsfeld found a “Pentagon-approved” physician wiling to approve aspartame/formaldehyde as an “FDA approved artificial sweetener.

Thus, Hayes was put in charge of 30% of the USA economy in the form of manufactured foods and pharmaceuticals as a favor from the just-sworn-into-office USA President, Ronald Reagan. Hayes’ death was “hastened” because he just knew too much, a matter which should be adjudicated in Donald Rumsfeld’s Trial, given the USA’s propensity to keep such things covered up and sweep them under the rug.

Actually, any competent judge should rule in an instant that corporations selling aspartame/formaldehyde in their 16,000 manufactured food products and their 10,000 pharmaceutical products products are very, very wrong, and that they cannot hide behind the vaulted FDA approval any longer, all of which must be ended by the International Court of Justice with revoked patents for all nations, all of which are, I believe, within theInternational Court’s advisory capacities.

I also ask this court to request James Bredar, Chief Federal Judge of Maryland USA to order that the FDA communicate its error at the behest of Donald Rumsfeld, over the past 39 years to all 193 heads of state, stopping and ending once and for all time Rumsfeld’s Plague and the harm to RNA and DNA for hundreds of millions of people.

The International Criminal Court could turns its focus from prosecuting African and Balkan individuals to 3 of the worst genocidists in the 20th Century and beginning of the the 21s Century, Donald Rumsfeld and Bill and Melinda Gates.

They must be formally charged with Genocide, and the pre-trial phase continued with the subpoena of their records, videotapes of their seld-incriminating statements, their answers to the Court’s questions, and those of African Heads of State, from Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kenya, Eritrea, Djibouti, Cameroons, and others, as well as the Ethiopian Director of the now-Gates-owned plandemic vehicle, the former World Health Organization, as well as the Health Ministers of Spain, Italy, and India, who can describe in detail the efforts by World Health Organization officials to not allow autopsies to be done on the bodies of so-called “Covid Victims,” and other relevant officials who wish to be Amicus Curie for the 2 United Nations Courts in the Hague.

I have only presented the rudiments of these two cases with the hope that the 3 USA defendants are not part of a larger plan by a consortium of heads of state that killing 600 million to 1 billion people is somehow now acceptable, as Gates announced in his 2015 TED talks, and that the 1948 Rome Convention to Prevent Genocide, the Nuremberg Trials of 1946, and the UN Tribunals in Rwanda and Cambodia, have all become meaningless in 2020, United Nations playtime games that are for show only, with no moral political, legal, intellectual, or military power henceforth to back them up, thus allowing Gates and Rumsfeld’s profitable culling of the Human Race to continue unabated, part of the USA’s and other nations’ plans to regiment and microchip billions of future robot slaves, to force women to obtain “certificates of permissible pregnancy,” and continuing the vaccinations of very young children and neonates for mumps, measles, etcetera, with inoculations whose adjuvants include mercury/thimerosal, aluminum, and formaldehyde, bringing about a cascade of more autism and developmental injuries and more experiments by the USA’s medical/military/industrial complete, leading toward the ultimate crime and absurdity, that of a chromosomally impossible vaccine for a weaponized virus that was patented by William Henry Gates ad the Pirbright Institute, Patent Number WO 2016 012793 A1, from Her Majesty’s Patent office, which has now reached even further illegal proportions with the newspaper owned by trillionaire Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post, touting the patriotic need for “volunteers to step forward” to be tested for ‘the new vaccine inoculations,” so that the millions of investors who invested billions of dollars on Wall Street in vaccine companies like GAVI and GILEAD in Gates’ planned 2015 announced and planned death of hundreds of million by vaccinations.

Then this same Washington Post editorial becomes spread further by the parroting USA Mainstream media, like the Santa Fe New Mexican, the so called “Oldest Newspaper in the West,” so that millions will gladly be led to their death like lemmings, and like the very few trusting European Jews who boarded the cattle cars looking forward to those promised jobs in Poland, brought to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Dachau, and the others.

Those wanting to try out USA’s ghastly vaccines for this plandemic are no different that those wanting to board the trains to Auschwitz, or the ZERO number of Tibetan Buddhists and Uighur Muslims wanting to be put in the concentration camps and “re-education” centers in Tibet like Drapchi, Maowang, Karze, and Shigates, and the huge prisons China has built for tens of millions of Uighur people in Western China.

To determine the status of these judicial requests, please telephone to determine the support of Her Majesty, Margrethe II of Denmark; His Majesty the King of Spain; the 16th Yang di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia, Sultan Abdullah of Pahang, Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, the Spokesman for the International Criminal Court, Fadi El Abdallah, plus Philippe Gautier, the Belgian Registrar for the International Court of Justice, and the Registrar for the International Criminal Court, who hails from Britain, where Bill Gates patented his weaponized coronavirus in 2016, number WO 2016 012793 A1. (Was that A1 a high grade directly from Her Majesty of Britain?

Here is the PDF with the Genome sequencing: Click Here



4 thoughts on “Gates and Rumsfeld in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands

  1. Seems he is validating, believing in, and appealing to the very system that is oppressing and poisoning him/us. “International Criminal Court.” Sure, just look at all it’s done the past few decades to end unjust wars, land-grabs, tyranny. “International Criminal Court.” Sure, fully there for nations that honor each individual. You really mean something to them. They love you and are looking out for you. Keep begging, you will bring them to tears and then they will certainly help you. Maybe instead of “International Criminal Court,” their name should just be shortened to “INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS.”


    1. Well said Galen, was thinking the same thing, with only a little more direct action; such as taking them all out and delivering swift people’s street justice along with the entirety of The Hague et al

  2. My god.
    It would be an honor to live and die along side of the people on this site.
    The comment section is astute.

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