George4Title Youtube Account Terminated Shut Down

Published on Sep 21, 2013 by George4Title2  Main Channel
We are still trying to figure out who filed all the false flags on the channel.  This might have to do with my appearance on Alex Jones regarding gun confiscation in America.  Thank you for your support in any way guys.  Thank You.

Here is his channel that got shut down:

4 thoughts on “George4Title Youtube Account Terminated Shut Down

  1. Liberals hate the truth so they have to cheat and lie to shut down the parts of the internet they do not like but if you do that to them they call you racists.

  2. Just more of the blatant censorship of truth that’s necessary for the survival of a government built on lies.

    You can post all of the videos you want claiming that you danced with Elvis last week, were abducted by UFO’s, and bagged a Bigfoot last hunting season, but if you claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, you have to be silenced.

    I think the very fact that they silenced this man’s ability to express his opinions is proof that he was right on the money. If his claims were nonsensical, they would have been easily exposed as such, but rather than forward any argument to counter his statements, they just ended the argument because they cannot win.

    You only tip over the chessboard when you’re sure you’ve lost the game.

  3. “This might have to do with my appearance on Alex Jones regarding gun confiscation in America.”

    Serves you right for going on that Zionist shill AJ’s show.

    Anyone giving even the slightest appearence of credibility to AJ, even by just being on his show, is counterproductive to the truth, and fueling the propaganda machine.


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