7 thoughts on “Get to Know Your Weapons

  1. There are a lot of folks that go buy an AR or AK because they feel they need one for the SHTF. They buy it and stick it in the closet. They never zero it or learn how to disassemble it. They just assume it will work when the time comes.
    Like he said: take it apart, learn how to use it. Before the war starts is the time to learn, not after.

    1. yep — and it has to come apart for cleaning, and any other maintenance too, so you’re really not going to be able to use the thing for very long unless you’re familiar with the dis-assembly and reassembly process, and all the gun’s functions.

      and when you’re finally familiar with all the parts, you might want to go the extra step and replicate adverse conditions until you can do this in the woods at night. I like to keep my eyes closed so I can identify parts by touch. That will be helpful if you have to fix your gun at night.

      Remember that you may not always have the comfort of a brightly lit table and a comfortable chair when your gun needs service.

      1. JR,
        I actually know someone that bought a flat top AR and stuck it in his closet. I asked about putting sights on it and zeroing. Get this, he said, I don’t need sights, I wont be shooting far. The guy is an idiot. He will be eaten in the first week.

        1. wow….that’s pretty silly. I guess it’s better than being completely unarmed, but he should have gotten himself a pistol.

  2. I remember in basic training in 72 they made us sit in a room and take our M-16 apart ,then they shut the lights off and we had to put it back together. We had to do this until everyone could do it and get it right. I’ve never taken a weapon apart and put it back together so many times since. I believe I could still do it today.

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