Giffords, Kelly Claim ’16 More Mass Shootings’ Since Sandy Hook – Did We Miss Something?

Gun Grabbers Gabrielle Giffords and Mark KellyAmmoLand – by AWR Hawkins

Washington DC – -(  In their non-stop push for more gun control, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have presented Congress with a letter referencing “16 more mass shootings” since the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012.

They do not list the supposed 16 mass shootings in their letter, which was published online by Politico, but they do mention the Tucson shooting from January 2011, the Aurora movie theater shooting from July 2012, and the Sikh Temple attack in August 2012. All three of these crimes occurred well before, not after, the shooting at Sandy Hook.  

The only two shootings mentioned in the letter which took place after Sandy Hook were the September 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting and the October 21, 2013 shooting at Sparks Middle School, in Sparks, Nevada.

Of course, in the case of the D.C. Navy Yard, the shooter, Aaron Alexis, went through all legal means to get his shotgun, including a federal background check, thus demonstrating once more that background checks cannot stop criminal intent. Meanwhile, the Sparks shooting was not a mass shooting, but it was another example of how impotent gun control laws are when an individual too young to buy, possess, or transport a gun decides to steal, possess, and transport a gun.

Where is a list of the “16 more mass shootings” since Sandy Hook?

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5 thoughts on “Giffords, Kelly Claim ’16 More Mass Shootings’ Since Sandy Hook – Did We Miss Something?

  1. “Where is a list of the “16 more mass shootings” since Sandy Hook?”

    Possibly they got that figure from a recent poll?

    More likely they’re both brain-dead.

  2. Giffords husband looks like a bald-headed Hitler in that picture and Giffords herself continues to look like she always does which is a scared, weak and pathetic woman, who looks like she is always in a state of shock and ready to fall to pieces at any given moment from even the slightest gust of wind.

  3. not mass as in a lot of people but mass as in matter. 16 things with mass have been shot since sandy hook

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