Girl Accuses Teacher Of ‘War Crimes’ In Hilarious Year-End Review

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Ava Morrison-Bell is an 11-year-old from the UK with a whole lot of moxie.

Morrison-Bell was asked to fill out a form for school with questions for students about their teachers. One asked how teachers can do better.

The conscientious Bell suggested that they “not use collective punishment” as it is not fair for the people who “did nothing,” as per a tweet of the response by her father Mason Cross. 

She goes even further to cite the “1949 Genva Conventions” as evidence that this behavior is “a war crime.”

Undoubtedly, Bell means the Geneva Conventions, a series of international treaties established between 1864 and 1949. Most intriguingly, she’s referencing the 1949 Protocol II within the Conventions that “prohibited collective punishment.”

Granted, that protocol also prohibits torture, the taking of hostages, acts of terrorism, slavery, rape, enforced prostitution, etc., but the point is salient: Bell doesn’t want to be held responsible for things she didn’t do.

Cross told HuffPost that his daughter “said very positive things in the other answer” and that her teacher responded to her answer with “a dignified silence.”

Additionally, Cross said that this wasn’t even the only time his daughter has mentioned the Geneva Conventions in casual conversation.

“She also cites minimum wage legislation when we offer her £2 to tidy her room,” Cross told us.

Ava, you’re the best. We can only hope you’ll become a human rights lawyer one day.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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  1. I got paid .50 cents per hour, or was that per day? To pull 20 foot lengths of piping from abandoned wells.Then hand mix concrete in the back of my Grandpas pickup truck. Then wheel barrow it and pour it into the well, repeat until it reached the top. Hey wait a minute,Grandpa still owes me fifty cents!
    Keep it Grandpa, you paid me more than you’ll ever know, when I was nine years old.

    That is a fact, Jack

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