GM to Recall Over 1 Million Pickups to Fix Seat Belt Problem

ABC 13

The recall covers certain model 1500 pickups from the 2014 and 2015 model years. GM says a steel cable that connects the belts to the trucks can wear and separate over time. If that happens, the belts could come loose.  

The company says it found the problem by analyzing warranty data. GM says there haven’t been any reports of crashes or injuries.

Dealers will enlarge an opening and install a bracket on the cable tensioner. If necessary they’ll replace the tensioner.

Most of the trucks are in the U.S. and Canada, but some are in Latin America and the Middle East.

3 thoughts on “GM to Recall Over 1 Million Pickups to Fix Seat Belt Problem

  1. This is a result of their endless effort to make everything as cheaply as possible, and nothing any stronger than it absolutely has to be.

    If things don’t fall apart, you won’t buy news ones, so this philosophy of making things that are designed to break as quickly as possible pervades all corporate products.

    I don’t buy anything that I don’t absolutely need, because I’m tired of wasting money on more things to bring to the dump.

  2. Most of the parts on an “American” vehicle are made in China and Mexico. It is a miracle that our vehicles make it to 10,000 miles any more. I have a Dodge Ram 3500. “American as you can get right?
    No, made in fricking mexico. “I bought it used so I didn’t give Dodge a dime.

    1. I aint bashing your dodge, Im a Mopar freak from way back, still own a few of the 60’s era good ones

      what sucks about the newer gen. dodge pick ups for us in the rust (salt) belt is ,, the dodge trucks rust out before the payments run out

      and if you went for the cummings trucks , there aint no body left but the engine runs great , they just end up looking like crap and it hurts the resale big time

      also the gas V8 engine transmissions suck, and are costly to rebuild , not to mention the new steering problem issue that just popped up here about a year ago .. for a nice looking truck, we deserve better life out of them for what we pay

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