19 thoughts on “Good Morning From the High Cascades of Northern Jefferson

  1. Henry. Barb, my life long partner, says wow that’s beautiful, and wants to know if you see that every morning? Gods beauty is unsurpassed. Thank you sir for sharing this.

  2. Man that is a beautiful view. I wouldn’t even care if the fish didn’t bite. I could just sit there with a line in the water and stare at the mountains.

  3. Great countryside, Henry. It’s been a number of years since I last camped there (in Summer, of course).

    This time of year, I would almost expect to see a pic from you on the Caribbean coast, with one of the fancy drinks that had an umbrella in it sitting on a table.

    I worked with an elderly engineer, and for his vacation he would to travel to the wilds of the Canadian Northwest Territory. He went by himself, camped, hunted, and foraged his food needs for two weeks.

    I asked him why he would use his vacation time to live in such challenging conditions; vacation time was for relaxing and taking it easy.

    His response: “Because it makes me look forward to coming back to the office.”

    After working in the same industry for over 40-years, I’m beginning to understand his reasoning… almost. 🙂

  4. Gods country for sure. Just like Wi. only ten times bigger and more private. I love Ore. it is Gods country for sure.
    You are making me Home sick Henry dang it.
    I really need to get away from cheese head country I think. Yea, Wi. sucks!!

  5. Well,the water isn’t frozen,that is encouraging,seems new england is getting a bunch of rain,beats the hell out of snow and just helps kick in Spring growth and recharging the aquifers.That said,still a lot of frozen bodies in the northlands water,Paul,you getting on pushing that warmer clime up our way yet as you mentioned a few days ago?!

      1. Use their solar oven and some paracord!Perhaps also put Sasha’s ball behind the warm weather and let her push,seems full of energy!

  6. I haven’t seen an unfrozen lake in a long while now, thanks for reminding me what it looks like. Beautiful scenery for sure!

  7. Looking forward to moving to Southern Jefferson. Any idea, Henry, when the votes will be tallied, in favor?

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