7 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Discusses South Dakota’s “Remarkable” Approach to COVID-19

  1. The host calls her ‘the leader’. Listen to this ‘leader’ say how she ‘let’ the businesses stay open and ‘we gave people their freedom’ blah blah blah….. OMG just about made me scream! Then read the comments …..idiots!

    1. Sure glad our servant has graced us by allowing us to be free, even though business with SD is not allowed if boycotting Israel.
      All governors of these states are traitors…

      I was gonna send you this, but might as well put it here that others may see it as well…

  2. She’s a liar. They took cdc guidelines and basically told the county and cities to enforce unlawful orders. She stood by and did nothing while city councils shut business down and restricted movement. The b!tch signed an executive order saying anyone over like 55 had to stay home.

    1. What do you wanna bet she’ll be one of the darlings for CEO of the corporation. She’ll be the new tard trumpers can drool over. Can’t forget Florida’s criminal governor though. He’ll probably be on the 2024 CEO list as well.

      1. Spot on Katie. She would not have been on the tellalievision if she was truly lawful. She is being showcased to condition the disappointed trumptards that they still have an option to the Democrats. The trumptards will become the noemnuts.

    2. and neither her or any other governor have taken on the corporations that have made their own rules regarding masks, social distancing, etc.

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