Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.

Published on Jan 16, 2016 by cirina catania

“We come in and we take this land and we always take it for less than it is worth.” (Park Service Employee at Mary Martin’s retirement from the Mojave Preserve.) The dinner was a public event ). In this clip, the woman brags about how they wrestled a $40 million mine located in the park for $2.5 million dollars from two “little guys that had been in the 2nd World War” (their words, not mine). She continues, “which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it. ” FYI – The 111,000+ acres referred to on the white board do not include the land that was taken away from the ranchers.

6 thoughts on “Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.

  1. Acquisition queens regime? These people are not Americans, they are working for the crown heads of Europe. Boasting on how they steal land with stolen tax payers money! No shame in their game, treasonous scum of the highest order.

  2. How would you fix this high level of HIGH TREASON with elections and court filings? I would like for someone to detail for me how this criminal behavior be fixed short of an all out civil war? HOW???? I”d really like to know?

  3. Sorry ladies and no disrespect.
    This woman is a total Kunt!
    I can’t believe our tax dollars are paying her retirement.

    Unfking believable.
    Don’t worry….
    Her day is coming when those foreigners are abusing her in the nursing home.

    Colon cancer isn’t good enough for this b!tch.

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