Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War

Published on Jun 13, 2013 by Larry Shook

45 years ago, Larry Shook was a soldier in the Vietnam War. In the Fall of 2012, Larry was hit with the worst PTSD episode of his life. In an effort to help every soldier (past and present) and their families, Larry delivered a very personal sermon about his experience.

2 thoughts on “Grace and Me: A Forbidden Tale of War

  1. I can not support killing it is wrong it is murder and being ordered to do so is no excuse. There will never be peace as long as one human being is willing to take up a rifle or gun against another human being. One might say well if he doesn’t the enemy will kill him. Not if he is not there. We go to country after country with no good reason and kill maim and drop terrible weapons on them like depleted uranium and phosphorus, we bomb them back to the stone age we give them disease and a lifetime of deformed children. Now we use drones to do the dirty work but there is someone behind the joystick carrying it out. No one under any condition can convince me this is right. These soldiers need to wise up and put down their guns and make love not war. I am afraid the flower children were right and the song “Where have all the soldiers gone?”
    Time to grow up and see who is leading us through the ring in our noses.

    Do not buy into we fight for our freedoms or to keep us free; that is a lie. We are losing freedoms every day they are almost all gone.

    As Major General Smidley Butler said, “War is a racket”

    I say all wars are bankster wars and started by false flags every time.

    That sums it up. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword or worse.
    the last part is mine.

  2. Thank you, Steve, for posting one of the most important heart- and soul-centered sermons of our time.

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