8 thoughts on “Grand Funk Railroad – Mean Mistreater

    1. If I didn`t post this one I was going to post I`m you captain. I just posted this one and then though that maybe I should have posted that other one 😉
      In fact I1ll send it in now Angel 😉
      Usually I don`t like to send in more than just one but occasionally I will and now I will Angel 😉

        1. Nope Angel, I didn`t get your mail 🙁 . I bet that I deleted it by accident. I ache all over and do not feel very good again
          . This cold really sucks. I have had it for well over a week and it just doesn`t want to give up.
          Anyway Angel, I bet that is what happened. Don`t be a stranger though Angel, you can always call or mail me my freind

          1. You didn’t delete it. I was referring to the 10:12pm comment in this post:
            In the thread of the conversation, it was a bit of moral support (still applies). Here’s the link:

            I don’t have your email address. However, #1 did email me your phone # awhile back. I promise to dig it up and surprise you (when I can talk again). 🙂

            Stay warm, try to take it easy, and Feel Better, my friend. 🙂

          2. Alright Angel, that was a great was to wake up this morning feeling like I still do. I really hope nobody else get this cold – it is really bad, and I am not one to cry about something like this cold but this is a real bad one.

            Call anytime Angel 😉 I think I do have your mail address. You can bet that today I am going to be layin` low.

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