Great Gifts! Save More! Don’t Wait! Special Buys! 1,800 Dead! Evil Scumsuckers Go Home!

Common Dreams – by Abby Zimet

Okay, all done. After months of impassively, unthinkingly trashing each morning’s florid email from the black hole of greed and profiteering that is Walmart – “Map Out Your Black Friday Shopping Trip! New Value of the Hour! Save More With Home Value Bundles! – we just had one of those Network-inspired “I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore” moments.  

It’s not just ’cause they sell something called “hamburger helper cheeseburgr macaroni” – though WTF? – and call it food, or even because they famously asked their own grossly underpaid workers to donate food to other grossly underpaid workers for a Thanksgiving dinner nobody will have time to eat anyway because they’ll all be working to feed the endless greed of the multi-billionaire Waltons, yet another reason for the welcome and overdue wave of strikeshitting them this week.

It’s because of this: Many months after over 1,200 workers in Bangladesh were killed in the dual disasters of the Tazreen factory fire and Rana Plaza garment factory collapse, Walmart has refused to contribute a penny to international compensation funds to assist the families of the dead and the over 1,800 workers injured because it was “financially unfeasible” to do so; has blown off a meeting in Geneva where companies came to discuss such compensation; has offered to create its own safety scheme that critics say is so flawed, vague and unenforceable it’s virtually meaningless, despite the fact that one in five Walmart factories still fails safety tests, a figure that leads advocates to charge that Walmart did and still does have “blood on its hands”; and reportedly and with great fanfare offered $50 million in low-cost loans to Bangladesh garment factories to improve conditions – loan offers which Walmart claimed were met with several “no thanks,” but  which labor advocates in Bangladesh say were, in fact, never made, leaving them still waiting for any substantive change.

So. A plea: If you’re indulging in shopping this season, please forego the drek and evil of Walmart and other big box atrocities – where, it seems, some have already camped out almost two weeks before the fact for whatever it is they, evidently lacking a life or any sense thereof, so very desperately want to buy there. But we digress. Buy local, buy modest, buy where it helps someone else who needs it. The Waltons don’t. And please, one day, let them eat hamburger helper cheeseburgr macaroni.

7 thoughts on “Great Gifts! Save More! Don’t Wait! Special Buys! 1,800 Dead! Evil Scumsuckers Go Home!

  1. The pic. says to ‘STAND BY WALLMART WORKERS, NOT WITH THE GREEDIEST CORPORTATION IN THE U.S.” . Well then maybe the wallmart workers should maybe not work for wallmart. If th workers cannot find another job, then maybe those workers should just have a sitdown strike starting black friday and lasting till say christmas or longer. And also, Do not shop at wallmart if at possible.

    1. So I guess you’re saying that’s what Wal-mart means by having their employees donate to help other unfortunate Wal-mart employees during the holiday season?

  2. I wish there were other places to shop other than slave-mart.
    That place comes in strip mines the town of every job.
    Then they set up one of those stupid mega marts and pay
    their workers peanuts. Then all these jew corporate vampires
    wonder why the have such crappy sales. Thats easy nobody in
    this country has any money because you don’t pay you’re
    wage slaves enough to buy groceries let alone gifts.

    1. Boy, you said it. Believe me, you’re not the only one who came up with that conclusion. These bastards don’t pay us shit and then complain that we aren’t spending enough. WTF? Then they bitch when people steal. Gee….I wonder why they would steal?

      I mean talk about damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That’s all they seem to do is put you in those situations where no matter what happens, it’s always the peasant’s fault even though they (the elite) created the mess in the first place. It’s all totally orchestrated for that reason.

  3. Another good reason to boycott Walmart is in this headline from 2012:
    “6 Walmart Heirs Hold More Wealth Than 42% of Americans Combined”

    You would think the shysters would fell a little shame.

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