Gripping your AK rifle

Published on Dec 4, 2013 by Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74

This is video in answer to issue which was presented during our discussion on training with Spetsnaz instructors in USA. At some point we had intense discussion about the way how to grip Ak rifles. Here is original post:…

More on our Facebook page:…

One thought on “Gripping your AK rifle

  1. My first issue with this video was:
    “Why the hell is the Spetznaz teaching anything in my country”….

    This guy is obviously NOT an American National, so what infiltration group does he belong to, and why is he receiving training from Russian Special Forces trainers within our borders, and for what purpose? The answer is: there are quislings here in our land whose sole purpose in life is to be the front-guard for the invasion from the globalists.

    The second is: “What possible venue of authority would allow non-Nationals to train to use lethal weapons within our sacred borders; and why is there no check and balance to that authority that has not demanded accountability for treason?

    Learn whatever is useful from this turd, and then be prepared to separate his thoughts from his brain. Same goes for anyone who would deliberately attempt to enslave our freedoms to their tyranny.

    Yah Bless this Republic!
    Death to the New World Order.

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