4 thoughts on “Guess The Rebel

  1. That be my only daughter..lol

    chances are anymore if you posted something like that on facebook the feds would be at your door, because in their own paranoid ways they would assume its directed at them

    feeling a lil guilty?

    1. Do you know anyone who has had “the feds at their door” in response to any of their political leanings or expressions?

      I ask because I’m constantly hearing that warning, and I believe it’s part of a propaganda campaign to silence dissenting voices, but it never actually happens.

      I’ve been hearing it since shortly after 9-11, beginning with the story of how someone who mentioned the possibility of government involvement was visited by the FBI at his gym, and I’ve heard it many times since, but I still haven’t heard from any credible source that it’s actually happened.

      And who was this “Brandon Raub” guy who appeared out of nowhere, and was allegedly taken to a psychiatric ward for his facebook postings? Anyone ever hear of him before or after that incident, or was that another psy-op to silence people?

      Don’t let them scare you into silence with ghosts of FBI men. There are at least a hundred million people who are completely pissed off with our government, are expressing it all over the internet and their neighborhoods, and there aren’t enough FBI employees to even write all their names down, let alone visit one out of ten thousand of them.

  2. Now how’d they get my picture? I was just having this conversation earlier today with a friend of mine. Seems we are both like minded.
    . . .

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