Gun Control and Confiscation

Molon labe (Come and take it), a Greek answer to gun control.Conservative News and Views – by TERRY A. HURLBUT

The federal government, with several State governments to help them, want more than gun control. They want to confiscate all guns. Inside information, and what they say publicly, prove this.

Gun control – inside info

The inside information comes from the National Institute of Justice. That is the research arm of the US Department of Justice. So it is the federal government’s think tank on all things law-enforcement.

A few days into the new year, the NIJ studied the problem of gun control. Greg Ridgeway, PhD, the deputy director, signed his name to this white paper. Notice the Web address for that white paper: That’s the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. They are a think tank for those who want to protect their right to keep and bear arms. Someone at NRA-ILA found out about the white paper and linked to it.

The paper, “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies,” admits that many gun control measures that the left touts as “reasonable” would never work. Among other things, Dr. Ridgeway admits that gun buybacks don’t work, not the way most authorities run them. They’re too small, typically don’t gather in the kind of gun one uses to murder someone, and don’t stop a determined killer from getting another gun. Dr. Ridgeway discussed the Australian Gun Buyback of 1997. His finding: it removed the risk of another Aurora, or another Newtown. But it did not make murder in general any less likely. This part that Ridgeway admitted, really hurts the gun control case:

One study (Leigh & Neill 2010) has proven confusing in that its abstract suggests that Australia’s gun buyback reduced firearm homicide rates by 80%, but the body of the report finds no effect. Others (Reuter & Mouzas 2003) have used the same data and also found no effect on crime although they also noted that mass shootings appear to have disappeared in Australia. A third study (Chapman et al 2006) using Australian data from 1979 to 2003 shows that the firearm homicide rate was already declining prior to the firearm reforms and that there is no evidence that the new legislation accelerated the declines. This remains true when data through 2007 are added to the analysis (conducted by G. Ridgeway on 1/3/2013 at NIJ).

Zounds! Did Leigh & Neill lie in their abstract? But of course. That’s hardly new. After all, consider this line:

I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.

That infamous phrase started the Climate-gate scandal. You can read here for the full context. (Why is the Climate-gate scandal relevant here? Because some of the same people who push the global warming meme, also push the gun control meme. And they use the same tricks each time.)

But Ridgeway admits much more than this. He admits also:

  • Banning magazines that hold a lot of rounds would never work unless you could buy back every big clip out there and make no exception.
  • Logging ammo sales might stop a few murder plots but would not stop criminals in general from getting any kind of gun they wanted.
  • Universal background checks will not work without a national registry of guns.
  • Criminals do not bother to get guns in one State and carry them into another State to do their deeds.
  • “Assault weapons,” however you define them, do not figure in most crimes. (Mass shootings are a rare exception – so rare that stopping them would make little difference in overall crime.)
  • Making every new gun a “smart gun” would not affect crime.

The most stunning thing Ridgeway admits: an assault weapons ban would not work at all, unless the government also laid on a massive and mandatory buyback to which no one would be exempt. That means only one thing: make people turn in their guns.

Chris Cox of NRA-ILA explains this in Clip One (see below)..

Gun control – what they say and do

A good-hearted government might ask someone to study the issue as Dr. Ridgeway did. But it would then decide that gun control made zerosense. It would tell people simply to arm themselves to protect themselves from mayhem. (Like Dean Winters in the Allstate ads; see Clip Two.) And it certainly wouldn’t put in place the kinds of gun control policies that Dr. Ridgeway said wouldn’t work.

Or would it?

Then why did Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) introduce S. 150, the renewal of the “assault weapons” ban? Why did legislators in Missouri introduce a bill giving some gun owners ninety days to turn in their guns or somehow get them out of Missouri? (How, legally?) Why did Colorado’s State House pass several measures like the ones Ridgeway condemns? (Play Clip Three.)

For answer, look at what those politicians have said over about twenty years. Read thisarticle from Anthony Martin at It indirectly quotes de facto President Barack Obama:

I don’t believe anybody should own guns.

Play Clips Four, Five, Six, and Seven below. Hear Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Senator Feinstein, Mayor Ed Koch (D-NY), and Attorney General Eric Holder, say what they think of the Second Amendment. Hint: not much. In fact, they mention it only to condemn it! To them, gun control means that only LEO’s or active-duty military should carry guns. (And sometimes with their bolts taken out, as David Codrea first showed.)

And then read these two articles that quote Garry McCarthy, Chief of the Chicago Police Department. What does he say? That gun owners who call their Congress members and legislators, or give money to Second Amendment advocates, are guilty of corruption. No, he didn’t say he was investigating any gun owners for corrupt dealings in other contexts. He said those gun owners were doing a corrupt thing even to reach out to their representatives.

And this shows how a gun control advocate really thinks. No one can reasonably argue against him. Anyone who disagrees with him, is asking the government for a favor the government should never grant to anyone. Unless that someone is a member of the government, or a special friend.

Stop the presses! David Codrea published this a few minutes ago. A gun control advocate named Lee Coleman, who once ran for the Oregon State House, lost his temper and stormed out of an interview. Play Clip Eight. (WARNING: Mr. Coleman uses language that, to paraphrase Rex Harrison, would make a sailor blush. Parental judgment and discretion are advised.)

Bottom line

The leaders of the gun control movement want your guns. They don’t believe you, or anyone else but them, should have guns. Follow the links. Play the clips. Ask yourself whether you want to be free, or instead be both slave and slave driver.

And if you want to be free, take my advice. Arm yourself to protect yourself better from mayhem.

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