Gun Owner Illegally Arrested at His Own Home Acquitted

Published on Feb 28, 2014 by wearechange

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Keith Pantaleon a gun owner in the state of New Jersey who last year was facing felony charges when cops illegal came into his home and confiscated his guns. After a year of legal battles and litigation all charges against Keith have been dropped by the state of NJ and he gets to keep his guns. WeAreChange first heard about the arrest of Keith and did a story about his situation when he was in Jail being denied bail. After the story came out bail was granted, wearechange paid the bail and got Keith out of Jail, we kept you updated with his story last year and now we are happy to announce that he is a free man.

to find out more about Keith check out…

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*Sorry for the poor audio quality in this video*

2 thoughts on “Gun Owner Illegally Arrested at His Own Home Acquitted

  1. How much did it cost him in lawyers fees to get acquitted?
    He still lost a lot of money and a lot of time he will never get back.

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