Gun Safety via Mind Control

With the failure of the propagandists to deceive the American public in reference to the effects of guns on violent crime, they are indicating a new direction toward confiscation.  From the Alex Jones rant to the YouTube video with James Yeager in a fit of madness threatening to start murdering upon passage of confiscation laws, there is a clear shift of emphasis from the danger of the weapon to the danger of the person wielding it.  The argument being put forth from the psychiatric angle is as flawed as the argument that says that the guns are the problem, in fact to the point of suggesting thought control as an angle of attack.

As every mass shooter has been under the influence of mind altering, commie psychiatrist prescribed drugs, the question must be addressed.  Were the drugs a consequence of a psychosis or is the psychosis a consequence of the drug?

The communist think tanks have become desperate in implementing these circle jerk arguments based on the chicken and the egg theory and, as neither can be proved in a condition of ex post facto examination, the intent becomes clear as one not based on forming fact but rather excuses through consensus.

Is mass murder a pathological act?  Of course it is.  Therefore the angle is to assert that those diagnosed as mentally unstable should not be allowed to have their 2nd Amendment right.  This is yet another argument that we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into as the intent of our enemy, the communists, is to create a scenario wherein they, through subject matter interpretation, will identify who is and is not mentally competent.

Now consider the fact that it is their contention that the only legitimate purpose for firearms is for hunting and sport shooting and that anyone who thinks the government is corrupt and/or subverted by communists intent on disarming and abusing them is a paranoid schizophrenic who needs to be treated with the mind altering drugs that have been associated with every mass shooter who they declare acted as they did because they were paranoid schizophrenics.

Throw in a couple of televised rants and the precedent is set.  But just like the ‘guns kill people’ argument, the ‘patriots might kill people’ argument can be dismissed, as the communists wanting to disarm us declare sane and support the arming of their communist police, who sport among their number the individual who brutally beat Kelly Thomas to death, the individual who shot Oscar Grant in the back while he was handcuffed and laying on his stomach on a subway platform, the individuals who burned the children of the Branch Davidians to death and on video high fived one another afterwards, the individual who shot Vicki Weaver in the head while she was holding her baby in her arms in her home on her property, and the individuals who shot 14 year old Sammy Weaver in the back on his father’s property.

The fact is the pathological murder of American nationals by psychopaths wearing uniforms is ten miles long, but as these psychopaths are communist insurgent psychopaths, their actions will not be questioned.  And as their actions will not be questioned, what thinking American would surrender their firearms and leave themselves completely defenseless against this government sponsored terrorism?

The communists would like to declare themselves the monitors of thought and sanity, after which they will declare that all anti-communist thought is insane, just like they did in Russia.  And if they could gain control, I guarantee you, the slightest hint of anti-communist leanings would be met with a .40 cal hollow point to the back of the head.

Our stance on our 2nd Amendment right must be as absolute as the term “unalienable” and we must not allow any further infringement under any guise, especially one that says the communists want to disarm us for our own good, for our own safety, for gun safety.  Because the truth is, this is about gun safety, in that these communists want to be safe from our guns while they are murdering us with theirs.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “Gun Safety via Mind Control

  1. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and 9/11. If those three things don’t prove how corrupt the government is, I honestly don’t know what does. Remember, the bully on the playground doesn’t care if you know that he’s really a coward that will run and cry if you fight back, so long as you do nothing in fear of him, he will continue to bully.

  2. it wasn’t long after getting a degree in Government that the “communist” so-called ADL/ATF conducted a military Assault with air support on my neighbors called the Davidians..

    Ultimately we become what we absorb on every level

    It’s kinda hard to aim at the target and shoot yourself in the foot

    if “our” so-called Public Servants won’t prosecute mass murderers,

    De Facto “They” have no… ‘Authority’…

    “They” don’t protect the Borders, “They” are paid by Economic Terrorists who merely print currency, Own the Media and conduct MIND CONTROL operations against the American people…who watch TV

    good article..calm, reasoned, …well thought out

    sound advice

  3. Boy, you could cut the desperation with a knife. Somebody wants their agenda pushed forward no matter the cost. Makes you wonder who the true “slaves” are in this whole mess. Is it the general public that is starting to realize they’ve been had for at least the last hundred years? Or the globalists, who seem to be completely enslaved to the bidding of their appetites.

  4. Take away their t.v.’s, and observe reality and awareness crashing in.

    Take away their psychotropic drugs, and observe the insanity unleashed.

    Remove both simultaneously, and observe the total chaos that would ensue.

    Excellent article, Henry. I wish I could be as proliferate at writing my own as you are.

  5. Yes Henry, your mention of the “high fiving” at Waco really triggered my memory. There’s been so many incidents. Ten or so “law enforcement officers” shooting a harmless “suspect”, and then congratulating one another. Many were on TV before the internet. Yet still we slept, safe in our beds, knowing that the cops were here to protect us.
    Be well, Rob

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