Haarp being used to finalize death of the San Joaquin

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After draining the dams on purpose was done by the “elite” to destroy the San Joaquin valley on purpose, Haarp is being used to finish the job with a real drought. San Joaquin destroyed on purpose? Read on, I have proof that this has been in the works for six years, long before Fukushima.  

(scroll down to see it in pictures if you don’t have time to read a long article)

There has been an effort by the elite to destroy the San Joaquin valley agricultural zone ongoing for about six years now. An article posted by Rense and others about the Haarp caused high pressure region which is blocking rain from falling in California strongly implies that this action is benign and only protecting us from Fukushima.



There has been no drought in California for the last six years YET many of the orchards and prime agricultural zones have been intentionally killed via denial of water by the choice of the elite. This was caused by draining all the dams and flushing all the water out to the ocean ON PURPOSE.

Here is what is really going on –

The elite obviously want the San Joaquin gone from America’s list of assets. The San Joaquin is a natural desert, which was only brought to life via irrigation projects and reservoirs. No “drought” can change this fact. Several people who are among the “elite”, most notably Warren Buffet bought all the reservoirs, in violation of law (at least the original law the reservoirs were agreed to be built under) and drained them into the ocean rather than give the water to the farmers (which also violated the water contracts the farmers signed onto) in the name of an imported and not native fish called the Delta Smelt. These fish were brought into California around 100 years ago and are not natural to the area at all.

There has ALWAYS been plenty of water in California. The irrigation projects were vastly overbuilt and were more than enough to handle an extended drought, (which there in fact has not been despite claims) up until now. But once the elite got control of the dams, they simply opened the floodgates and sent all the collected water straight to the ocean down the San Joaquin river, causing a large amount of flooding and draining the water supply that California orchards and agriculture needs to survive. And they did it in the name of a fish that did not belong there anyway, an obvious act of war. Since the farmers subsequently did not get their water, a lie of drought was hatched in the ziopress, a lie laid waste by the rainfall chart that even Rense posted.

This was an act of war against the American people, launched by kike elitists to destroy America’s most prime agricultural zone. Make no mistake, the Jews absolutely HATE America, and will be America’s “friend” only to whatever extent it takes to deceive an ignorant populace long enough to have that populace stand idly by as America’s greatest assets are WIPED OUT.

They hate America in reality, because Christian America stood up against tyranny and even wiped out the Jewish slave trade in America. The blacks were not enslaved by white Christians, they were in fact enslaved by Jewish slave lords. And to this day, the heart of the global slave trade is run by Jews, in Israel. Obviously shutting down the slave trade snubbed their noses, but it was America’s freedom, prosperity and technological achievenments they despised the most. Russia was their first victim in modern times (probably because Tesla came from there), and they failed Russia the same way they are now failing America.

But let’s get back to the real issue – the San Joaquin water shortage which is completely intentional.

This agricultural zone was far too much of an asset for America’s conquerors to tolerate having around, so they just took control via government corruption afforded by rigged elections and shut off the water. Now there are hundreds of miles of dead orchards there, stretching as far as the eye can see. And the State mandates that the growers cut these dead orchards down, so six years into this war there are equally vast expanses of dead earth that were only a short time ago fertile orchards.

So when you hear MANY in the so called “truth movement” haarp all about how the San Joaquin died because of Fukushima, KNOW THE LIE. MANY IN THE “TRUTH MOVEMENT” HAVE EVOLVED INTO BEING THE ENEMY OF TRUTH. Let’s PROVE IT RIGHT NOW, with a few pictures of the San Joaquin from MORE THAN A YEAR AGO, LONG before this so-called “drought” which happens to be Haarp caused and actually is real. REAL BUT IRRELEVEANT, THE SAN JOAQUIN IS ALREADY DEAD.


Here is the California precipitation chart everyone is now quoting. Look at the history here, there have been plenty of other periods that were a little bit dry. And of course there were only five inches so far this year – WE ARE ONLY A MONTH AND A HALF INTO IT. So the chart for this year is a FREAKING LIE ANYWAY. LOOK AT THE CHART BELOW, AND THEN TRY TO EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS OF EMPTY DAMS. WHY ARE THEY EMPTY ALREADY, WHEN UP TO DEC OF 2013 THE RAIN WAS WITHIN A NORMAL RANGE?

From the chart above, it is OBVIOUS there has been no drought. Even in 2010 and 2011 the ziopress talked all about how little rain California got, and the chart proves that those were both very wet years. The subsequent years were NOT BAD ENOUGH TO MAKE THE DAMS LOOK LIKE THIS:

The chart from Forbes PROVES: These orchards are NOT dead because of drought and the dams are NOT empty because of drought, they are empty because a few priviledged zionists chose to drain them so they can get America by the throat in a future catastrophe THEY ENGINEERED. The enemy would surely love to blame it on Fuku, DO NOT let a lack of knowledge draw you into that trap.

The photo to the left, which Rense posted clearly shows that Haarp is indeed being used to stop the rain from reaching California. But this is being done to create a real drought only AFTER the San Joaquin has been severely damaged from lack of water. 2011 gave the orchards another year, up until 2010 the farmers were able to pump wells to water the valley. But the wells went mostly dry by the end of 2010, and 2011 was a godsend because they had no other water, and were denied it from the reservoirs, water which they got from a very wet year that should have filled the reservoirs. I know, I WAS THERE DURING IT. It rained all the time and this saved the orchards. But after 2011, the orchards took a severe beating from being denied water during a normal precipitation year following a very wet year that should have filled the reservoirs, and this haarp blockage will no doubt be the final death sentence for the San Joaquin, because even if there is an agreement to save the orchards, the kikes already emptied the dams. There is no where to go now.

The report from Rense is HERE, and I have only this to say – Nice job with showing us this, what’s with the B.S. Fukushima conclusion? Are you THAT FAR out of the loop to not know ANYTHING about what is really going on in California? Are you playing the FUKU story line on purpose, or did you really not know?


6 thoughts on “Haarp being used to finalize death of the San Joaquin

  1. I have only one big problem with this article (and I assume he is right about HAARP)…Tesla was born in CROATIA (he’s Serbian by the way), which to my knowledge has never been part of Russia.

  2. Jim Stone – always telling it like it is….of course this “drought” is all part of the famine that is being engineered by these psychopaths….meanwhile all the public water systems are being poisoned with flouride to dumb down the population – it’s obviously wokring – wake up Americans, we’ve got to get APAC and all the dual Israeli citizenship politicians out of our government………this is worse than treason………

    1. If by “out of ‘our’ (so-called) ‘government’ you mean hung for treason, then I agree 100%.

      Anything less is TOTALLY unacceptable.

  3. “An article posted by Rense and others about the Haarp caused high pressure region which is blocking rain from falling in California strongly implies that this action is benign and only protecting us from Fukushima.”

    Rense is a disinfo shill. Never paid any attention to whatever that bozo had to spew.

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