19 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From the Trenches

      1. Hi Mary, thanks! Also thank you for the very entertaining Halloween cartoon. I haven’t seen that in way to many years to count! 🙂

      1. Hey #1, how has it been going for you? Sounds like you are staying home and watching movies this Halloween. My hubby and I haven’t any plans on going anywhere either and watching movies sounds like a good idea!

        1. Doin’ well, CatFon. Much better than this time last year.

          Seen more rain in the last 8 months than my last 5 years in L.A. Rained most of yesterday, and all day today so far. Nice change from the drought in CA. 🙂

          Now if I can just figure out which movies to watch… 🙄

    1. Sunfire, that is actual footage of the raid of Bin Laden.

      Can you imagine the terror he felt upon seeing THAT?!

      You would have to imagine it, as he was dead for a decade already;-)

      Happy Halloween!

  1. Seeing crowds of happy, and slightly intoxicated party-goers walking the streets was a common enough sight on Halloween night in NYC.

    There will also be groups of people scattering in different directions when the parade audience breaks up. Most bars throw Halloween parties, so you’ll see those crowds spilling onto the sidewalk at various times during the night, too. They’ll be walking the streets, riding the subway, coming out of bars and private parties, many still wearing masks, and some in full costume. What they all had in common was that they were always in groups, or small crowds, coming from one celebration or another.

    Now imagine, if you will, one lone figure on Halloween night, lurking in shadows wearing a gruesome mask, a long black raincoat, black pants, and black boots.

    The costume itself isn’t overly terrifying, and other than the mask, it isn’t a costume at all, but the fact that this man is all alone suggests that you’re not looking at someone celebrating the holiday with other people, but instead he’s a raving lunatic, who is taking advantage of the holiday’s permission to conceal his identity behind a mask, so he can commit gruesome crimes.

    That was me one year when I had to travel alone on Halloween to meet a girl at a party. The black coat and pants were fairly standard attire for me. I refused to wear a costume, but I did have an awesome mask that scared the crap out of people, and since it was Halloween, it was only proper to wear the thing.

    I didn’t have to jump out of the dark and yell “Boo” to anyone. Just sitting there on the subway, perfectly still and quiet with that crazy mask on my face was terrorizing full grown adults, simply because I was alone. There weren’t many people on the train, and a few got off as soon as they could, wanting to avoid whatever the hell they thought I might do.

    After I cleared one car I walked to the next. I didn’t make noise, I didn’t move fast, but instead I just walked through the door, and stood still at the end of the car with that crazy mask on my face. A girl looked up at me in the corner of her eye, and quickly looked back down into her book. When the train stopped and the doors opened, you could see the relief she felt as she jumped off the train, where she could share the company of other people on the platform.

    Out in the street I merely had to step out of a darkened door way while people were approaching, and I’d hear them gasp in fear. You wouldn’t think that a Halloween mask would be very frightening on Halloween, but again, the ONLY thing that struck fear into people was the fact that I was alone. Had I been standing with a friend, I could have had a severed head in my hand on Halloween night and no one would have given it a second look.

    I walked up behind a young girl who was talking to someone in the middle of the sidewalk and stopped right behind her. She heard my heavy breathing echoing inside the mask, and as soon as she turned around and saw me she started pounding on my chest with both fists as if she were fighting for her life. I threw my hands up and yelled “I didn’t touch her…I didn’t touch her”. Her boyfriend was leaning on a nearby parked car. He saw the whole scene and thought it was hysterical. Once she was safe in his arms she actually apologized for hitting me, but I thought the whole scene was pretty funny too.

    That night began a new way of celebrating Halloween for me. No more parties, no more bars. It was actually a lot more fun to scare the crap out of full-grown adults, and the following year a couple friends joined me in this new game, but we had to split up and be alone for it to be effective.

    I may have brought a few people to the brink of a heart attack, especially when I added a plastic knife to my act, but that’s too bad, It’s Halloween, and if you’re afraid to be scared, you should stay in your house.

    Happy Halloween, everyone. (I’m older, so I stay in my house now)

  2. I love the “christian” churches who host Halloween parties and costume contests.

    almost as much as the bars that hand out candy to kids.

    good stuff!

  3. I’m going to have plenty of knocks on my truck door this Halloween night and I can guarantee you that it won’t be kids looking for candy.

    Happy Halloween everybody !

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