30 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From the Trenches!

    1. October 31st is like any other day of the year. It’s what you make of it.
      You say it’s satan’s day. I guess you’ve acquiesced, hence surrendered the day, just like our people acquiesce and surrender our freedoms.
      This WAR is about our political freedoms, hence our Bill of Rights, and statements like yours alienate good patriots who see all kinds of absolute fanaticism as dangerous.
      Is it your opinion that the Lord has surrendered the 31st day of October, which He created, to his enemy?
      Halloween is a part of American culture and come Christmas there will be people condemning it too and identifying it as an act of the devil. The communists want to destroy our culture. Are we going to help them do it?
      Furthermore, if this is exclusively a battle between God and satan, is it your wish that all those who do not see it as such get out of your way? If one is not a Christian via your theology, are they in allegiance with satan? No one will ever pigeon hole my beliefs in anything or lack thereof.

  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Henry And Laura! 🙂

    And to ALL the Trenchers!

    Guy Fawkes mask day… no one looks at me sideways today LOL

    1. My brother and I have our “Blues Brothers” outfits ready to go! We’ll be on “A mission from God”. Happy “All Hallows Eve” to everyone in “The Trenches”! 🙂

  2. Happy Halloween Henry, Laura and all the Trenchers. Hope it’s a fun day filled with (harmless) tricks and lots of treats! Enjoy the day . . . get creative.
    . . .

  3. Happy Halloween to everyone! If we could just get Michael Myers to go after the bankers if would make for one of the best Halloweens ever.

  4. Old Bat you are 100% right. It is the Devils Birthday and he has a big party every year. The old Pilgrim people that formed this country knew it and spoke out about it handing it down to their generations when it was first introduced. It is not American culture but came over from Europe. Every day is the Lord’s day if you are HIS child and how do we know if one is HIS child? We know by the fruits. He said “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” Look at how Americans are dressing up their children in skulls and bones and demons. What message is being sent by doing all of this? Hmmm

    1. Dorothy,
      The old pilgrim people that formed this country also burned human beings alive in Salem, Mass. because their store of rye contracted a mold that had the effect of LSD. When some of their people ate the grain and hallucinated, they went to the only authority, their Bible, and then judged their fellow pilgrims to be guilty of witchery and demon possession.
      I guess we must understand that people like you are blessed with a superior mind and God’s sanction to judge our intent. You don’t believe in freedom of religion, you believe in your religion as absolute and would replace my Bill of Rights with your Bible. You would have me fornicating through the sheets and then praying the rest of the night for forgiveness because I enjoyed the act.
      Halloween is a part of the American culture and if you cannot find it in yourself to put your prejudice against all those who aren’t like you aside, you are on the wrong site.
      This site is here to unite our people, the American nationals, and we have agreed to put all of our differences aside. And when we regain our Republic, we will live under our Bill of Rights, which means you are free to believe as you please, and so is everyone else, and no one’s beliefs will be forced on anyone else.
      A lot of the people who are about ready to die for your rights, do not believe in your book and you will not drive them away and divide them on this site.
      Use your religion for your personal strength, that is your right, which I will die for. But come on this site one more time, insinuating that any of our people are the enemy because they do not believe as you do, and well…..well, you are not going to do that.
      Your call.

    2. Have a freakin sense of humor! My daughter is dressing as little dead ridding hood this year. Get over it! It’s all done out of fun, not dissing the lord and such. Do you walk around in life with the bible tucked under your arm? In case you haven’t noticed, the world has gone bonkers. There is nothing wrong with having fun and keeping things light. It’s not all about dancing with the devil. If I wanted to do that, I’d go to DC.

      1. “Little Dead Riding Hood” ROFL Good costume choice 😆 😉 🙂
        Have FUN tonight!
        The party is just getting started here, in Greenwich Village (Parade is about to begin).

          1. I’m staying in.
            When I was younger, I use to dress and go out to see the show. No more. It is too crowded and there is far too much Nazi/Gestapo Security (thank you Bloomberg). 🙁
            Watching Trick or Treaters, then various Parade participants, from my window and the Parade on TV. 🙂 😉

          1. Hey Angel! 🙂 Happy Halloween! :mrgreen:

            I don’t do Halloween, just another day to me. But I cracked my Guy Fawkes mask, so I went to the store to get a new one. They didn’t have just the mask, so I had to buy the whole costume (cape, mask & hat).

            V For Vendetta is one of my very favorite movies. I wouldn’t even consider buying ANY other type of costume.

  5. Don’t do Halloween, but I DO like horror classics! And weirdly enough today I got my Harry Potter 6-movie DVD after it was back ordered…Is it Satanic? I don’t know, but it is pagan, so…

  6. When I’d walk into the store on my corner there were always a gang of kids trick-or-treating with their parents nearby, and I’d make the same sick joke every Halloween loud enough for all the Moms to hear it:

    “Wow…. I forgot it was Halloween. I need a dozen apples and a box of razor blades, please.”

    You have to strike a little terror into the parents on this day, too.

  7. Im dressing up as an armed store owner keeping an eye on my store…

    (main business thoroughfare near state university)

    Hope all enjoy.

  8. Hello NC, I was thinking about you earlier and wondering what you have been up to when I realized that I hadn’t seen any comments from you in awhile. Glad you are back! 🙂

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