42 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day From the Trenches

  1. OUTSTANDING, Henry!!! 24/7 till EVERY LAST ONE IS HUNG!!!

    Still would take quite a while, though. 🙂

  2. Great Henry, Build that on a flatbed trailer, and move it from town to town. The traveling hanging show !!!

    1. What a great idea. the msm would love that. “these people have decided to build a mobile gallows and are taking it on tour with the stated purpose of executing treasonous asshats within the criminal occupation in government”.

      1. 😀 😀 😀 … what an appropriate picture for this day!!

        So I live in CA right? I’m in the laundromat and I say “Happy 4th of July” to a Hispanic lady.

        She turns around to me and says … “Oh Si!”

        . . .

      1. AND to Henry, Laura & ALL the Trenchers as well.

        HAPPY 4TH!!! 😀

        I’m a little slow this morning.

        o.k., a LOT slow. 😉

          1. Never considered the difference till I saw that article. Sent it in, but don’t know if Henry/admin will be posting any more articles today.

          2. 🙂 They may check in later. I sent my Independence Day posts last night, for posting today (with the exception of “Too Late to Apologize”, sent that the other day and we decided to hold it for this morning 😉 )

          3. Couldn’t find anything (but two) worth sending last night. Real dead zone for news.

            Found quite a few today, however. 🙂

          4. Mine weren’t “news” (yes, dead zone, yesterday). They were music, poetry, prose for “Independence Day” 🙂

  3. Happy 4th guys!!

    And remember, 14 wetbacks with dangerous diseases have illegally crossed our borders while you read this. Enjoy your day!!

  4. Happy Independence Day to Henry and family and all of the Trenchers and their families! Have a safe Holiday everyone!

  5. This shows the best use for hemp. Makes you wonder why the politicians are so against industrial hemp……it may be used against them for the crime of high treason.

    1. Thanks, # 1 NWO Hatr. I’m thinking everyone knows about “the 4th” being “independence day,” but you learn something every day.


  6. From Drudge: The estimated 100 protesters, including those favoring the immigrants, are being restricted to a “safety zone” away from the road. Many had remained all night at the site, vowing a repeat of Tuesday’s blockade. One protester has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of attempting to convince protesters to refuse to abide by police rules.
    In a shift from previous days, pro-immigrant supporters outnumbered anti-illegal immigration protesters on the dusty roads leading to the Murrieta Border Patrol facility Friday.

    In April, at the Bundy Ranch it was a “free speech zone.” On Independence Day, it is now a “safety zone.”
    If this is in your AO, or close to your AO, you need to put the burgers, beer and bikini butt’s down, stop patting yourselves on the back, and get the f#k out to Marietta and represent!

  7. Enjoy your Liberty Weekend my FTT friends!

    This is something I have posted a few times on my FarceBook page today, most of you already know this I am sure:

    Independence Day was brought on by a very specific series of events that went into high speed when something very important, very dire for the people in America at that time happened.

    I suspect not many know what really started the American Revolution. What one thing, above all else kicked off America’s war for Independence.

    The English made a move at two places for one very specific purpose that would crush the disobedient Americans.

    The English marched on Lexington & Concord to take the guns, the powder & ammunition that leave the Americans powerless to to stop the will of the English. They knew that a people with out guns would be a people subject completely to their absolute rule.

    The war with the English was about America’s freedom & the people’s call to arms that night not only surprised the English but stopped them cold.

    The rest is history as well; something everyone needs to learn and remember as history is already being re-written in America to the likes of the America hating oppressors in control of America now.

    “The British Are Coming” – this is where that call to arms became famous.

  8. Confirmed: The “free speech zones” established at the Bundy Ranch have been recreated in Murrieta, California, and are now being called “assembly areas.”
    – Immigration supporters and opponents show up in Murrieta –
    “Since the protest, long sections of rural roadways near the Border Patrol station have been marked “no parking,” and both sides of the issue have been given assembly areas. But law enforcement officials have said a repeat of Tuesday’s blockade of three buses, presumably carrying women and children, will not be allowed.”
    “At least one protester was arrested today outside the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, as tensions rose among protesters from both sides of the immigration issue.
    The protester was seen calmly walking towards a police squad car, as demonstrators both opposing and supporting the federal government’s recent migrant policies lined a rural road and shouted at each other.”

    1. Thanks for the info. Cavmedic. This is crazy. I’m thinking we’re gonna see similar Bundy Ranch scenarios in all areas around the country soon. This shit is gonna escalate fast!

    2. I can see the elite got a bunch of immigrant supporters together and dressed them up in Aztec outfits to challenge, distract and fight the protesters while DHS sneaks the illegals by with their buses. This is going to get ugly, especially on Independence Day.

    3. “But law enforcement officials have said a repeat of Tuesday’s blockade of three buses, presumably carrying women and children, will not be allowed.”

      We need some militia men at these places and these people protesting need to blockade that area by force. Ignore the damn immigrant supporters. They are a distraction. Make a chain with their arms or something and push back the police and government agents. There’s no way they can get 200 Feds this time to push back the people, especially if it is happening in all areas around the country. It’s time the people started fighting back.


      EVERYONE has to do it together or it won’t work!

    4. according to the law dictionary

      In municipal law and administration. A strip of land, lying either in the middle of the street or in the space between the building line and the sidewalk, or between the sidewalk and the driveway, intended to be kept as a park-like space, that is, not built upon, but beautified with turf, trees, flower-beds, etc. See Downing v. Des Moines, 124 Iowa, 289, 99 N. W. 1006.

      Transfering assets without transfering risk.

      no mention of automobiles so leave your cars where you want and tell the commie ass-hat to go look up the “law” he is enforcing.

  9. Show up with weapons at the ready, hold your fire till they fire first and then it is on.The Bundy Standoff proved that if you show up with guns and the Constitution on your side, you win. Happy Independence Day Laura and And Henry and to all that are trying to keep the Candle of Liberty a glowing in this dark chapter of American History.

  10. So we spend more money on defense than any other country, we incarcerate more people than any one else we have a POTUS that can kill a AMERICAN without any evidence against them, we have the DHS, TSA that can search us without a warrant , they can force there way into our homes and kill us destroy our property and kill our pets , yep we’re free alright,
    I would say get your guns and take back our lost Freedom, but we all know that aint gonna happen , so yes happy 4th people NDAA and the patriot act
    in god we trust.God being gold oil drugs.

  11. This holiday will have more meaning after the next revolution occurs to restore the freedoms that these bastards have stolen from us. What I see happening to this country sure doesn’t make this day what it is suppose to be. Tyranny abounds all around us and is getting worse all the time by the PTB and they need to pay for their crimes!

  12. Happy Independence Day to Henry, Laura, and to everyone here at FTT. Sorry I’m so late to the party, it took me awhile to make it to page 4!

  13. There’s a vicious rumor goin’ ’round your your commin’ back off the lamb! Looking forward to that. Happy Independence day. Hope you got stringers full. 🙂

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