50 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Trenches!

  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and Laura, Henry! You have certainly been a blessing in my life since finding your site. And to all those who have become extended family here on FTT, I appreciate all your input into the fight to restore our precious republic. I consider it an honor to STAND shoulder to shoulder with you all out there across our great nation.

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Missy and I are greatful to have found this place and are greatful to all who are here for the knowledge they share and for their desire to save our Republic.

  3. I want to thank you Henry & Laura for all you do. I have been researching the NWO everyday for five years many websites, but you are THE NUMBER ONE SITE on the net, not just for liberty, but for all the media. Happy thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Laura, JD, Ed, and everyone else here at the trenches! I look forward to the day when we will be giving thanks for restoring our Republic!

  5. I can only repeat what has already been said above . HAPPY THANKSGIVEING ALL….. We here at FTTWR are the best.. 🙂 🙂

  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This site helps me de-stress. Just pick out an article that catches my eye and click “continue reading” and everythings better.

    1. The best to you and yours Henry. As a late comer, i probably still don’t comprehend all the nuisances of what you go through every day. I’m sure it’s way more than this old 69 year old could handle. my heart and prayers are with you this day and all the days of the year.

      All of you people here are beyond value to me. I pray that you all are safe and well.

  7. A truly happy and warm Thanksgiving to you and yours and thank you
    for reporting the truth which effects God and Country.

  8. Warmest wishes to Henry, Laura and everyone here on the trenches, for a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

    I for one am very thankful for finding this website and all the information that everyone brings in everyday.

    Enjoy your day everyone!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Henry and Laura. I am so very thankful for the hours and hours and hours that you give all of us at FTT all through the year. May you and yours be very blessed.

  10. Mark Schumacher just called. He is on the road in Pennsylvania and can’t get to a computer. He wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. All the best of the holidays to ya Mark…. Good to see you are back on the road again. Drive safely as I know you will.

    1. love that …..Nottobitter…got to get to know you better….can’t do the smiley yellow face, cause don’t know how to get that on the screen….
      here it is though………………in thought….
      Tin Foil Hat….guys………..love that one….
      Blessings to people all over, no matter where they are and especially all those on this site….including mark the trucker, who is not always available to a computer…..
      keep the faith….and as I read, within the life of C. S. Lewis..one of the best thinkers who also died on the very day JFK did, his mom once advised him to …Judge not so much and love more….I like that….Love is catching…so look out!!!!!

      1. rbeason smiley faces
        : )
        Big Smile : D
        but no spaces between
        Now you can do them 🙂 😀
        with a wink ; )
        We can’t do hearts on here yet that I see, but that would be < then 3 <3

        1. thanks RT Hawk…I’v got to figure that one out…
          a smile…no spaces between….
          a wink here….
          and 3<3………….and damn???
          That's got me…….even consider myself a math guy….but that's got me……….where's that yellow smiley face when I want him""
          I think I'm on the wrong computer….any help! ! !

          1. a yellow smile 🙂 is : )
            A big smile is : D
            Henry can give you my email if ya need for this <3
            Just put the : and ) together, try that
            then try : D together no space

            <3 kinda looks like a heart on here, but doesn't turn into a heart on here, does most other pleaces tho

          2. Think Now…RT Hawk……….yea…think i can do that….and also
            If you wish, Henry can give you my email address too..just show him this comment as my permission to do so….I’ve decided I am not on the wrong computer after all……….
            Gracious sakes, if I didn’t know better I might think I was having a “run away”….that’s from the horse and buggy days…..something i learned in school…..The things they won’t teach in school….Now got to learn that smiley face!!!!!

  11. Happy Holidays, to Henry, Laura and all who post,comment and visit this site.. This is a site for people who care for one-another, for their neighbor and for our country. May the Creators wisdom cover our entire land so that it may regain it’s roots of creation…by which ,before, came the wisdom gained by centuries of being deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….Thanks to all….

  12. A most Happy Thanksgiving to you both, Henry and Laura. I hope you have an outstanding day!
    And I wish the same for all the rest of my family here at FTT.

    You guys (and girls) ROCK!!!

    (sorry about the time out, Henry. Really rough week at work. I needed a break, I guess, and I definitely needed this long weekend).

    Have a blessed day, all.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Most Thankful for everyone here!
    and !
    Mark is back on the the road to boot!

    It’s been a year!,
    and it’s been a week lol!

    Many blessings, and my best always

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to Laura, Henry and all the commenters and readers who make From the Trenches World Report an outstanding success.
    . . .

  15. rbeason for some resaon your not showing up here (at least for me) with your last comment
    “Think Now…RT Hawk……….yea…think i can do that….and also
    If you wish, Henry can give you my email address too..just show him this comment as my permission to do so….I’ve decided I am not on the wrong computer after all……….
    Gracious sakes, if I didn’t know better I might think I was having a “run away”….that’s from the horse and buggy days…..something i learned in school…..The things they won’t teach in school….Now got to learn that smiley face!!!!!”
    My computer has been screwy too, so might not be catching all the updates…..
    Ya won’t have any problems 🙂

    1. my comments RT Hawk, regarding my reference to “smiley face” have all been put on myself, as a laugh…humor pulled down upon myself…and You did show me how to do the smiley face and I thank you for that…:)……….but see, there is no yellow smiling face…and that was my original reference…and any person who wants, who comments here is welcome to my email address….my remarks were not intended to be “a smart ass kind of thing”…I have never meant that once on any comment I have ever made on this site….Seems, the world is full of heavy hitter/put down types and I don’t need to be among them…….As in Emails, same here in comments, intents well spoken with integrity can be mistaken via a reader, because this is not a person to person format, in person face to face conversation type as though it were one on one speaking on a sunny day in a public park or at home….I was grateful to and happy that you said hello to me….could I, i would put up the yellow face..(would)..Don’t know how on this computer….perhaps there is a tool bar on this site that I am missing…….WTF…..I’m unaware of it!

        1. RT Hawk
          I have put my identity on this site from the first time I ever commented here….What’s your name? Who are you? Henry has his right out there…here is mine…Robert Beason Billings Mont…Vietnam Vet..in country 1969 US Army…US56639487………..that’s my name here isn’t .it……rbeason……….Now what’s your name besides a made up abbreviation?

          1. Ya know really, ya think ur special for putting that out there? You want to make a production of it? My Dad was there, I was Almost there, most of my friends have served….ya think you are special? and wanna give me shit, c’monn

          2. I’m here for ya, if ya ever want. Think I made that clear.
            My best to you always, if you can accept that, with love <3

        1. never was a problem……..don’t need your email…..you and most other’s not all, most hide behind stage names……….well I Don’t
          Never did…and this is the only place I take part in….also do my best not to fu….off people…
          one can look in the streets and see enough of that

          1. Ya know what rbeason, I just woke up and I see your pissin` match with RT Hawk. Well rbeason, RT told you straight up on that smiley face thing…….. Show some respect here rbeason – lighten up on RT as she was only trying to help you. Chill out rbeason and show some respect!

        2. You’re wasting your time, RT. Been there, done that. He picked a fight with me over literally nothing a while back. I believe he’s a troll, as I’ve seen him attempting to start arguments with other posters here. I simply ignore him now. Not worth the effort or (wasted) time.

          Not only is this guy an @sshole, he’s not even a very intelligent one at that.

          My advice?

          Toss him into spam.

          1. lol Yep #1done heheh,
            I decided to partake in merriement last night (Ouch!#%today<I guess why I don't do it more often lol!)
            Thanks #1 and Digger, (oh btw Digger I got all the pieces of my phone back together lol! what a night frick lol!)

          2. 🙂 . You are a survivor RT 🙂 . I did get your Mail by the way, thanks , that “Sparks” looks liek he could be a handfull but a lot of fun. Hope you are recovering from the merriment 🙂 LOL. Good talking last night RT 🙂 .

  16. gracious sakes people……..I do appreciate the help….I took the response as an aid to me….and don’t know how or why this conversation has turned to as you say, digger, a pissin match…..I do not have a problem of being myself…my name and life’s story should one sincerely want to know….i don’t require that of others….But I’ll tell you what about me…I am the person you see here….and my name comes with that and where I live and all that I have written of myself, here, also…How the hell else can I do that? I m not saying others need do the same…and rarely think of same, when say, speaking like this right now….to you digger or anyone else….Though, if a voice on here, and that’s what most are because of the stage names, wants to question me they are going to get me….name, place of residence and so forth….Christ, that’s who I am…………..Greg Bacon……..I take as being that’s who he is…Paula Walker, i take that;s who she is…..and so forth….I put the r in front of my last name to shorten it up a bit…
    I put my Army Service Number there so a person may ck it out….thats all….I am no better than anyone else….but if I am going to speak of my service then I feel, ck it out…………what’s wrong with that?….
    Because of what I went through during the 1960’s culminating in being thrown, and i mean thrown, as a slave, into Nam and getting through it…I am yet pissed of our gov and all that goes with it, especially since it is yet on going today, just a different country name and different decade.,…
    I have no hard feelings for R T hawk….haven’t the slightest idea who that is..

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