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This morning I began working on updating my research on the Public Health System because as you know… or should know by now, it’s the Public Health System that is importing all of the refugees into Idaho.   Idaho’s Public Health system is a privatized system which means that YOUR government has put YOUR life and your FAMILY’S LIVES into the hands of a private organization called the Jannus Group – formerly the Mountain States Group.

The timeline for privatization can be found HERE.

Prior to my research on the Public Health System due to the connection with refugee resettlement, I was researching the health care system and health care reform because the design of the system is for applied genetics research.   You don’t mind being a human rhesus monkey for medical science do you?

One of the research articles I wrote in 2009 was called The Nightmare of Project Destiny.   I first heard the name “Project Destiny”  when I was watching a hearing on the government’s takeover of AIG at the peak of the financial meltdown.  Edward Liddy was the appointed CEO of AIG.  I’m not sure who appointed him – the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve but he was put there to manage AIG’s divestment of their lines of business that put them in the financial dumper.  It was Edward Liddy who made reference to Project Destiny.  When I researched it, it was a plan for a new medical specialty – pharmacists as health care providers.  In the new paradigm of health care by chemistry for applied genetics research, that makes sense…  take the doctor out of the picture and replace him with a chemist who can mix up a witches brew to alter your DNA.

Probably because of the number of times that Donald Trump used the word “Destiny” which disturbed me greatly every time I heard him say it, I went back to listen again to the testimony of Edward Liddy in the AIG hearings.

I noticed something this time that I didn’t notice before.  What I noticed was the number of Representatives from Ohio who were there questioning Liddy and who were really upset about AIG’s meltdown.   One of them said that their public employees pension funds were invested in AIG and they stood to lose their investments.  Those public employees would be teachers, firefighters, police, state employees, etc.  Then the though came to me… I wonder if the Cleveland Clinic was involved.  BINGO!

This is a link to the Cleveland Clinic website.  If you scroll down, you’ll see a hyperlink labeled A Health Care Model for the 21st Century.

Some of the highlights in the model:

  • Providers are challenged to do more with less. We’re looking closely at everything we do and every dollar we spend. We’re even examining the fundamental principles of health care: asking why we’re here [note:  really?  Do we really want hospitals that question why they exist?]    and what we hope to accomplish for patients and communities.
  • …the standalone hospital persists, in part, because of an understandable desire among hospital administrators and local officials to offer a full range of services to local community [Note:  THEY HAVE TO… because they are the HOSPITAL!!!] , and also because certain sophisticated services can generate much higher reimbursement. The problem is that demand for services—such as CT scans, x-rays, ECGs, or blood tests, among others—is exceeded by supply in many localities. Facilities and equipment stand idle, bleeding cash. This approach is not only obsolete, it’s unsustainable.  [Note:  It’s not obsolete because by the nature of what a hospital does… it must have those facilities available and only a money-mad psychopath would think that you could provide critical care without those facilities because that’s what hospitals do… omg somebody re-capture the lunatics who have taken over our hospitals!]
  • Among the basic questions about health care is how hospitals need to evolve. There are some big issues. Number one is functionality. The brick-and-mortar hospital offering all things to all patients is obsolete… No single site can provide state-of-the-art care in every specialty. No standalone hospital can afford all the latest technology. Clinging to the old model has led to wasteful duplication of services and roadblocks to quality and safety improvement. [note:  the above isn’t true… what led to wasteful duplication was to allow hospitals to disaggregate their facilities into external profit centers while they knew they would not be able to eliminate those functions from the main hospital].
  • Also, the center of gravity is shifting away from the hospital. Hospital care is being replaced by outpatient care. Outpatient care is being replaced by home care.
  • We see now that patients do better in specialized centers that do high volumes of particular procedures.  [See what I wrote about triage of patients to specialty facilities as it pertains to selection of populations for experimental medical research – applied genomics.]
  • America’s healthcare infrastructure includes thousands of standalone community hospitals that can become valuable components of integrated regional healthcare delivery systemsthat offer full spectrum care through multiple providers and facilities linked by multi-modal transport and information technology.  Cleveland Clinic is well advanced in developing this type of regional system.
  • With a healthcare system comprised of a specialized acute care center, 16 family health centers, and nine community hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic system has organized itself into a continuum of care delivery model based on a tiered system that provides patients with the appropriate level of care for each phase of their condition.  [Note:  this is the same thing that St. Luke’s is doing in Idaho.  They have become basically a disaggregated hospital that is the monopoly provider for health care.  Each specialty in a separate facility carries with it the overhead of being a separate business – separate profit center allowing the main hospital to cry poor mouth in desperate need of price increases and subsidies.]
  • Our virtual network is paralleled by our Critical Care Transport capabilities. We have a fleet of ambulances, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft, each equipped with traveling medical personnel. They carry Cleveland Clinic staff physicians and their teams anywhere in the world. Our Critical Care Transport team transported 4,391 patients from 36 states and 14 countries in 2009, ensuring that these patients receive the advanced care they need when they need it, reducing the risk of complications and readmissions.

The big clue for me as to what is really going on was their use of the term multi-modal.   Multi-modal is a transportation system term.  As I’ve described in many, many places beginning with legislation in 1991, there was a whole new paradigm in transportation – centered around the concept of intermodalism.  Intermodal means two forms of transportation coming together at a single location.  The legislation in Idaho that authorized the creation of Intermodal Commerce Zones effectively created a new layer of “governance”  – a port authority actually that essentially becomes international territory because it’s connected to the transportation system and international commerce under maritime law (the Admiralty).     The hospitals became part of the transportation system in 1966.

When I first discovered this structure – a zone of separate territory under a different governing structure, it was “The CORE” in Meridian, Idaho.   The “CORE” is a biomedical research park connected to St. Luke’s Hospital and Idaho State University (ISU has a school of pharmacy – that a couple of years ago was upgraded to the level of a pharmaceutical research facility).   Here are the two research articles I wrote on the CORE as I was trying to figure out what they were doing by defining the elements of what I called a Trojan Triangle.  I called it a Trojan Triangle because I needed a name to include all elements of the multi-layered construct that I saw.

What captured my attention initially was the 23-person Communist Chinese delegation that visited the CORE to look at it as a potential investment opportunity.  The Authority over the CORE zone were looking for foreign direct investment in the CORE by selling EB-5 visas which is a program of selling American citizenship.  The Authority gets the money and the Communists get the American citizenship.

The other big clue in the Cleveland Clinic brochure was the ‘virtual network… traveling medical personnel.. anywhere in the world’.   That says Global Health and Doctors without Borders.    Which includes the Clinton Global Health Initiative.  [btw…  Chris Stevens was in Benghazi to talk to the hospital administrators about modernization of their hospital emergency room facilities.]

What set me off is that the hospitals are not just double-dipping into the pockets of Americans they are at least triple-dipping or quadruple dipping into our pockets while the health care system was changed to provide health care to the healthy at insurance rates based on individual, self-insurance for people with catastrophic illness.  The American taxpayers are picking up the tab for the global health system by pass-through funding through the hospitals and the insurance companies.   On top of that, each specialty unit they set up can potentially receive research grants because they are specialty and “state-of-the-art”.  The entire system constitutes a robbery in progress.

This is the monumental fraud I’ve ever seen – and I’ve just given you a cursory look at it.  Dig Deeper.  Which reminds me… the Deep State they keep talking about isn’t deep at all.  In fact, they are Overlords.  They are the unelected, unaccountable regional organizations that have replaced our elected representative government.  The two watch words are privatization and regionalization.  When you understand how both of those things work together, then you will understand why our government is not an American government in the American tradition.


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