15 thoughts on “Here is the park we are sitting in for $5.

  1. The only salmon I’ve ever caught in my life was on the Rogue River, back around ’63 or ’64, just outside Central Point.

    That’s about to change soon.

    Thanks again for the heads up, Henry. We’d have been truckin’ down there today or tomorrow at the latest, otherwise.

    We’ll use that money for more ammo instead.

    1. Well now,You think your sneaky now dontcha? Blendin right in. Nothin to see here <*I*> I do appreciate the security detail. -BUT- sorry buddy, your an Absolutely Out Of Place Artifact…Sneaky as an aircraft carrier…….on fire..;)~

      See, round here you would blend in better w/a Subaru wagon with some offensive bumper stickers. Any color works, but burgundy & green seems popular. You’ll need a nice looking, kind, grey haired aging former hippie gal with smart glasses ridin shotty tho….

      & I was in Amerika all day too?! How in the hell does that work? Weird……You find the boner pills @ the 2nd gas station? Me too.

      A Subaru…Say it, SEW-BAR-OO…-OR-

      A Prius-…!GASP!…& the only damn thing that will stick to one of those around here is an F@#*$n Obama sticker……….Hillary will work soon.

      Hey Hank, BTW-That 5$ park sign is a typically blatant slacker sign shop typo/holiday-The sign guy F@#k’d up. He left the R out of the “FEE AREA” Done some time in a sign shop B4. You got robbed in broad daylight dude. If I were you I’d ask for my money back & an apology.

      Funny enough,I think I stole one of those “Fee” signs right off a pole in Cle Elem one time? It was when I was one of those degenerate PHISH fans out for free shit, danger, & a cheap thrill. I’m reformed now. God, their music really sucks when one is sober. They happen to have a tune by the same name…..-Fee ;)~

        1. Oh, it WAS a reply. I’m an odd guy, plus I just like F@*k’n with your head- all sortsa folks like f*#k ‘n w/mine. And yes, I DO flashback quite a bit-I actually perspire LSD-25 w/a chaser on the back end of DiMethylTriptamine for added fragrance. Must be the climate?

          Wanna lick? It might do yer head good.

          Is this thing down there a rope a dope or what? cause I’m on the road. I’d rather not waste 400$ in gas just to turn around & see a few OathCreepers layin around tellin war stories. But I DO need a road trip anyway.
          -However, I don’t have a prob poppin down to have a face to face meet n’ greet with you Ryan-You seem kina lika real dick, but you may impress me in person none the less. Sometimes I’m wrong. We’ll see…..

          1. But an “honest” a$$hole nonetheless! No offence Ryan, I just couldn’t help myself! 😆

  2. same operation , patriots got short term memories . I recall how oath keepers didn’t let anyone talk to media at ranch BUT jered miller just happen to be interviewed ? or how the weapons they claimed were used were taken before they came to vegas ? oh yeah oath keepers got their names and the patsy set up was made.

    1. You mean, “Oathbreakers”. 😉

      Oathkeepers are people who actually keep their oath. This group clearly does not.

  3. Hey Joe, the oath keepers thought they were running operations in Bunkerville. They ran to Mesquite when an alleged drone strike was called in by Eric holder. At the barbecue on that Friday twilight evening, the brown shirts started heading back to their camp in a rapid fashion. They didn’t even bother to tell the rest of the crowd that a so called drone strike was a coming. You see Joe, in Bunkerville you had the Ego’s and then you had the rest of us. Some of the oath keepers did return to camp later on and tore off their oath keepers insignia. Thanks a million Henry for Vetting the Vettors!

  4. Another movement hijacked just as Henry said. When the individual rights of the American National are trumped by a group collective (Oathkeepers), it’s time to disconnect from the “Borg” before you are assimilated. White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, who earnestly says he’s not “Joshing” us, along with Undersecretary, Thomas Trueman, and Undersecretary to the Undersecretary, Polly Purebred all conveyed their concern over the rising tensions. Doug Forthright and Mark Upstanding also chimed in. My point is I am growing real tired of these “oye” boys changing their names to these ridiculously blatant bullsh*t names because some god-damned “focus group” decided that the name will instill some sense of honesty in the swirling pit of sh*t! Let them all burn in hell.

    1. Well said Millard. I’m having a stifeled laugh at the last names you posted. I’ve been sicker than hell with a cold ( probably chemtrail flu), so I’ve missed much in the past couple of days, and I’m still catching up on the broadcasts. I don’t think Henry wasted his time pursuing the real truth. I think it’s possible there is a lot of bad info out there. I’m glad to hear oathbreakers have it covered, let them and the oy boys rock it out. We have better s#%+ to do.

  5. envious of the resolution of the pics [click on the pics for full res!]

    Looks very nice

    Not been to the Rogue, but the Rogue beer kicks ass : )

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