Heroin Kingpin Busted in Florida is an Illegal Alien…on Food Stamps

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Yet another welfare and illegal alien insanity story – while amnesty pimps like Sen. Dick Durbin keep telling us “undocumented immigrants can’t collect welfare”.

The head of the largest heroin operation in Polk County, FL history, along with numerous others who work for him, are illegal aliens who collect foodstamps. Four of the operation’s women also collect WIC payments.  

In addition to raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money, the ringleader collected $900 every month from the government.

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13 thoughts on “Heroin Kingpin Busted in Florida is an Illegal Alien…on Food Stamps

  1. Hi, Big Dan! This caught my eye because I live in Central Florida and know that Polk County is full of drugs of all types.

    I went further into the article and watched the video with Sheriff Grady Judd speaking about the arrests mentioned in this article. The video
    has all the details.

    Sheriff Grady Judd is one of several Florida Sheriffs who is extremely touch on crime, and does not apologize for it. Trust me when I say that this country needs more Grady Judds. He does not play!!!

    1. So now, if this grady judd cop is so tough on crime, then when was the last time he busted one of his own? He is not tough on crime unless he is busting his own also. We all know all too well that there is no such thing as a honest “law abiding” police dept. so on that note, when was the last time this cop buste his own fellow cops or his/their family members 😉 of course I could bet that he never busted even one of his own cops or their family members 😉 . Good that he busted that dope dealer but all fair as fair – I really would like to know how many cops in his police dept have been busted for anything at all.

        1. Yep Bart, nothin` gets me going more than to hear something like he was such a good cop, or he is tough on crime ect. when they let their own go free and turn a blind eye. Wouldn`t suprise me one bit if that PD was the ones supplying this dope dealer – or if not giving free passage for this dope dealers suppler – with his heroin. Yep, Bart, there is no such thing as a good or honest , decent cop any more – not even close to it.

  2. Seems pretty stupid to me to involve yourself with government checks when you’re making “hundreds of thousands of dollars” selling dope.

    A perfect example of exposing yourself to risk for no substantial potential for gain, so I would suspect that he was collecting the relief checks long before he got into the drug business.

    1. Yep JR, I agree with ya and #1 @ 9:36. Something stinks here on this one. This guy must have wanted to get busted. If not then he is too damned stupid to be any kind of a dope dealer that I have ever known – most dope dealers and users are some realy smart people – at least the ones I have known anyway. I kind of wonder if this guy really wasn`t just some cop that was acting the part of a dope dealer.

    1. Ha yea right, that would be like asking a cop to bust himself. yea right. He must be without sin then right – no running stop signs, no speeding, none of that eh. I bet he never even second guessed the integraty of the other cops on his force eh, cause he is just as guilty as the law breaker that he left go if he didn`t bust them and we all know that there are dirty cops on his watch, and I bet he is involved in some dirty underhanded crap too. A cop is a cop is a cop and they are all dirty. Has He shown favoritism when it comes to his felllow cop buddies because if he ever even one time did then he is a dirty cop Peoriod. Again a cop is a cop is a cop and a cop is not trustworthy. And I thank YOU very much 1611. He is no boy scout I bet.

      1. I can’t agree with you, Digger, that all cops are dirty.
        You must have had a terrible experience with them for you to be so sour. I have personally know men
        of integrity who have been in law enforcement.

        Of course I would have to agree with you that a large
        amount of them are probably “dirty”, but not all of them.

        1. You do not even want to know 1611. I haven`t even started with the scumbag cops and they know it. 🙁 😎 I do not like them and they have proven many times that they do not like me. Yea they set me up far too many times to turn things around for me to think any different, and I am by far not the only one. It is a we they situation and they are they and they will never change – sorry doesn`t get it or even come close to paying the price that they owe. Yea, 1611, I better just shut up right now about cops and their partners in crime. 😡

          1. Sorry to hear that, Digger….I have never experienced the types of things you are talking about, but I have read about them, and am aware they they do exist.

            Of course I am an elderly person, so things have changed considerably since I was a young woman raising a family and the neighborhood cop was always a help.

            Pity things are getting so dire in this country.

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