9 thoughts on “Hondurans plant their flag

  1. War is the only option we’ve been left with for saving this country, and they’re going to keep shoveling this crap in our faces until we win it.

    The three on the fence are good targets, but don’t forget the commie sympathizer holding the “refugees welcome” banner.

    1. The writing underneath the Refugees Welcome sign is a translation in Arabic.
      مرحبا باللاجئين

  2. No one need look for further evidence of a foreign invasion. These foreign invaders show up waiving their country’s flag! How much more blatantly can an invasion be?!? These criminal invaders should be shot dead as soon as they illegally cross the border. To hell with these foreign invaders, to hell with “dual-citizen” Zionists acting as our government, to hell with millions of illegals already in this country, and to hell with anyone who sympathizes with or supports them!

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