Hostility Toward Christianity Grows in the Military

The Threat to Religious Liberty in the MilitaryAmmoLand – by AWR Hawkins

Washington DC  -( A report issued by the Family Research Council (FRC) and distributed on Capitol Hill on July 9 2013 claims Christians face growing hostility toward their faith within the American military.

In the report, titled “A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat To Religious Liberty In The Military,” FRC lists incidents from the past few years that show the military’s increasing intolerance of all things Christian.  

For example, an ethics course at Vandenberg Air Force Base was stopped on July 27, 2011, although it had been taught for 20 years. It “was pulled for ‘thorough review’ by the Air Force primarily due to its use of Christian reading materials” in the study of St. Augustine and the just war theory.

The day before the ethics course was pulled, U.S. Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) “determined that Houston National Cemetery was preventing Christian prayers from being said at military funerals.”

The report also highlights the way Rev. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, was “disinvited” to pray at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service in 2010 because of outside comments in which he referred to Islam as “evil” and said the treatment women receive under Islamic law is “horrid.”

More recently, on June 7, 2013, FRC claims the “Pentagon directed the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, in Trenton, New Jersey, to take down a video that mentioned ‘God’ because it might be offensive.”

The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military

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5 thoughts on “Hostility Toward Christianity Grows in the Military

  1. Probably referring to ‘anti zionist’ Christianity. ‘pro zionist Christians'(?) might as well be israelis…. 🙁

  2. Not a problem. Send all the Christian soldiers home and draft only Jews to fill the ranks, because it’s their war anyway.

    Oh, I forgot. Jews don’t serve in the military unless they’re guaranteed a safe position, so they’ll try to convert all the Christians by force if necessary. They’ll need someone to fight their holy war for them, because they sure as hell won’t do it themselves.

  3. Speaking of jews not serving in the military, in Honolulu, Hawaii, there use
    to be a sea of white crosses of our war dead. The crosses were all
    removed. Why? Because they exhibit how many of our war dead were
    Christians. The writer stated he looked across the burial ground and
    could not see one hexagram of the jew.

  4. A good “litmus” test during the trials of all these traitors could be if they have ever worn a “beanie” on their head, off with it!

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