How EXACTLY will the New World Order try to FORCE YOU to be part of it?

Published on Apr 24, 2016 by WakeU.S. from Slumber

This is one of the first series I watched back in 2006-07 that helped me see much of what the MSM, and many “truthers” will not address, play dumb with or even deny. This video serves as an introduction to the “basics” of studying the New World Order as the majority is spot on.
I do not agree with some of his historical perspectives but by far his lecture is the most concise and precise. I also do not agree with his end times predictions. Yes we are in the end times but the last days may be many many MANY years off. The only thing that bothers, is that the speaker is part of the SDA church. I do NOT endorse SDA prophesy but I do respect Mr. Veith’s research into the jesuits. The information he presents regarding the Vatican’s involvement in world events is amazing. That is the only reason for my posting this video.

His timeline is something I do not agree with. I pray for him as we should all pray for each other. We are to test all things and in doing so I must also beg the question: Is Walter Veith, himself part of the plan to “externalize the hierarchy?” Some believe he himself is a jesuit or an agent. I have not seen the proof but I do see the contradictions. I pray for Mr. Veith and hope the fullness of the truth of God’s plan manifests itself to all who seek to do His will. Amen

4 thoughts on “How EXACTLY will the New World Order try to FORCE YOU to be part of it?

    1. Yes, the people at the top are magicians as well as LIARS.

      No need to pay to go to the circus, just look around, the circus is everywhere.

      Peanuts anyone?

  1. I have huge issues with Seventh Day Adventists, who clearly do not understand the meaning of the Sabbath (just as Christian Zionists do not understand the meaning of Israel). But this was a great video nevertheless. thanks!

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