How Identity Politics is Invading Western Science

Published on May 23, 2018

Liberal-Marxist political schemes have now disrupted the evolutionary rise of Western Science; and the only thing holding us back, is a dogmatic set of forms that will equalize, rather than make exceptional the European spirit of inquiry that made Western Culture so transcendent…

Taken from this article:…

3 thoughts on “How Identity Politics is Invading Western Science

  1. “Identity politics” is all about dividing the American people so they’re more easily crushed into the dirt.

    And science doesn’t pay very much unless your research points in the desired direction.

  2. Important vid. Diversity. Quotas. We are being forced into a lowest common denominator and what suffers? Excellence, innovation, expansion, progress, evolution itself. We have the schools lowering standards to accommodate lower-achieving students. We have easier tests for women and the granting of higher grades due to gender. Narrator says that the pace of education is “being slowed down so that no one gets left behind.” Yeah, sure, no one but the whole of humanity. This is grand suppression.

    Just say one needed an important and precise type of surgery yet was denied the most competent surgeon because the hospital says, “C’mon, let’s give this guy a turn.” Or this girl, or this whatever. That’s what we’re seeing and at the expense of excellence and competence. This is compromise at its finest disguised as gender fairness and multi-cultural diversity. True and ethical competitiveness naturally makes the cream rise to the top. We are now throwing out the cream! Dang! I’ve too much to say about this.


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