How to Make Bacon Vodka

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Published on Sep 27, 2013 by Howcast

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Learn how to make bacon vodka from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.

Hey guys, this is Adrian Ashman once again and what we’re doing right now is we’re going to infuse vodka with bacon. One of the beautiful things about vodka is it’s to adaptable to flavor that you can do almost anything to it and almost anything with it that you wish. I figured today would be the perfect time to infuse it with bacon. It’s really simple; all you need to do is have a bottle of vodka. It doesn’t have to be top shelf, and you need four to five slices of bacon. What we’re going to do is very simple. We’re going to open our vodka, and then what we’re going to do is very simply one, two, three, and last but not least slice number four.

Now, one of the interesting things about vodka is that it’s very adaptable to flavor and bacon not withstanding is one of the most interesting flavors you can mix with vodka. So, my recommendation depends on the taste. If you want this to have a really strong bacon flavor I would say go no more than a week in the fridge so that you can get some of the grease to come off the bacon. Every so often what I would do is, when it’s covered and left to sit for a while, every so often give it a good shake just to blend those flavors in.

As you can see the grease is already coming off in the vodka and the color is changing ever so slightly already. What’s we’re going to do is toss this into the fridge and I’m going to show you how to strain it. So, let’s take a walk. Now, believe it or not this is just after four days of infusion. You can see the color of the vodka had changed tremendously, the color of the bacon has changed as well, and we have a lot of fat content up here. We don’t want that in our liquor so what we’re going to do is this: We’ve got coffee filters, we have a sieve, and we have a mason jar. Now, some folks opt for cheese cloth but what I can do is use the coffee filter and it’s very simple.

So, we open the bottle. Whew, that’s bacon for sure! Then pour; alright, I’ve just finished straining the bacon infused vodka and as you can see with the coffee filter and sieve I’ve gotten all the bits of bacon out and most of the fat content, and what we have left is a smooth bacon vodka right here. You can enjoy it on the rocks or in a cocktail and hopefully you’ll be the hit of your party. Enjoy.

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